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Progressive Canlon | Strategic Cooperation And Mutual Development - Canlon Shares And Badfu Technology

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On August 5, 2022, Jiangsu Canlon Building Materials Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Badfu Technology Development Co., Ltd. established a strategic partnership. On the basis of mutual benefit, the two parties will integrate their resource advantages and form an alliance for common development.

Founded in 2000, Bardford is currently the largest integrated enterprise of research, production and sales of water-based emulsions in Asia, leading the new development trend of water-based coatings. In 2018, it won the title of leading enterprise in the segmented industry, and the brand value assessment in 2021 is 18 billion yuan.

Bardford Group attaches great importance to the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Canlon. Group CEO and Executive President Gong Yanglong, Group COO Zhou Wei, and General Manager of the Group's Waterproof Business Department Ye Jianhong visited Canlon Polymer Construction Materials(CPCM) Production BaseMr. Li Zhongren, CEO of Canlon, Ji Xinyu and Long Zhihong, Vice Presidents, and Shan Yongsheng, Director of R&D, warmly received the visiting leaders.

After signing the strategic cooperation agreement, the leaders of Badfu Group visited the production workshop, enterprise exhibition hall and photovoltaic exhibition hall, integrated photovoltaic roof and advanced technology research institute of Canlon Polymer Construction Materials(CPCM) Production Base. They all spoke highly of the cutting-edge R&D and production equipment introduced by Canlon.

At the same time, Mr. Li Zhongren introduced the technical architecture and application prospects of Canlon's TMP metal panel system to Mr. Gong Yanglong. The two parties agreed to carry out more cooperation around the TMP metal panel system in the future to jointly promote the application of green new energy and building integration.

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