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Progressive CANLON | Three reasons to choose CANLON CSPV Solar Roof system

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1.National strategy and layout

With China's solemn commitment to "peak carbon" by 2030 and "carbon neutral" by 2060, the countdown to the country's dual carbon strategy has begun.

Distributed photovoltaic is a clean energy source and is an important way to achieve the dual carbon goal. In 2021 alone, the installed scale of distributed PV is expected to reach 20GW, generating a waterproof roof market of about 20 billion. With the introduction of a series of policies including planning for wind power and photovoltaic bases in the country, the construction of new energy projects in my country will reach a new level in the future.

Under the guidance and encouragement of the national policy, social financial institutions and social capital will be involved in the photovoltaic industry. The next ten years will be a period of great development for the photovoltaic industry. In recent years, our company has launched many excellent products. For example, PVC waterproof membrane, TPO Roofing Membrane and Polyurethane waterproof coating, all of which have been carefully selected to meet your various needs.

CSPV six advantages

2.Annoying roofing problems

Although photovoltaic roofs have great potential economic and social benefits, most enterprise plants are limited by various factors, and there are widespread hidden dangers in terms of leakage, durability, repair and maintenance, which have become "roadblocks" to the installation of photovoltaic power plants.

In order to defeat this "roadblock", there is an urgent need for a roofing system that can last as long as the PV modules and provide effective care for the solar PV roof.

Annoying roofing problems

3.CSPV six advantages

As a leader in roofing system solutions, Canlon has developed an innovative whole life-cycle PV roofing system - CSPV (Canlon Single-ply Roofing PhotoVoltaic) system, which combines Canlon single-ply roofing system with PV power generation system, effectively solving the above-mentioned "pain points" of traditional (PV) roofing.

The company has introduced two imported TPO/PVC lines from Italy and three imported PE lines from Germany, which have greatly improved the quality and reliability of the waterproof membrane and the practicality of the application.Compared with traditional roofing, the CSPV system built on this basis has the following advantages:

1、Low cost

The CSPV system has a 25-year service life, 25 years without leakage and no need to replace the roof. Compared to a traditional single-ply metal panel system, the CANLON single-ply roofing system offers a cost saving of around 50% over its 25-year lifespan, making it cost-effective.

2. High yield

Through its own platform and model innovation, CANLON introduces strong third-party capital to invest in rooftop PV power stations. It helps rooftop owners to revitalise their "idle" rooftop resources in a comprehensive and systematic way. At the same time, through the introduction of third party investors, rooftop owners can obtain different levels of discounted electricity rates and corresponding roof use subsidy fees.

3. System advantages

The polymer material has excellent performance in terms of aging resistance, waterproofing, heat insulation, and resistance to splitting, etc. The flexible detailing is more reliable.

4. Long Service Life

CSPV system provides at least 25 years of service life, one-time construction, full life cycle protection, to solve the customer's worries.

5、High efficiency

The CSPV system utilises the sunlight reflectivity of the polymer waterproofing membrane and the tilt angle adjustment of the photovoltaic panels, which can significantly improve the efficiency of power generation.

6、Benefit society

Achieving the "carbon peak" is a requirement for China's modernization and sustainable development, a fundamental measure to protect the ecological environment, and a commitment and mission of the great Chinese people to fulfil global environmental protection. The CSPV system is one of the ways in which CANLON is carrying out this important mission!

CANLON is an international high-tech enterprise, we pursue product quality and customer satisfaction, if you wish to learn more about our products, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with the best product service.

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