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Progressive CANLON | CANLON won the bid of Wujiang Railway Expansion and Renovation Project

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Recently, the bidding information for the construction and management supply materials (bridge waterproof layer materials) of Wujiang railway capacity expansion and reconstruction project has been publicized. CANLON stood out from many bidding units and won the bid honorably.


The Wujiang Railway Capacity Expansion and Reconstruction Project is a key railway construction project in the national infrastructure field. It is an important measure for the Xinjiang Railway Department to implement the national plan to win the blue sky defense battle, further enhance the railway transportation capacity, and give full play to the green and environmental advantages of railway transportation.


The railroad has a total length of about 257 kilometers, with the line starting from Wubei Station, passes through Midong District, Urumqi City, National Ganquanbao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Fukang City, Beisantai Circular Economy Industrial Park in Jimusar County, Zhundong Economic and Technological Development Zone to Zhundong Coalfield Jiangjunmiao Mining Area. It is a major railway transportation channel mainly for coal transportation.

After the completion of the reconstruction of the Wujiang Railway, the trains will use electricity instead of burning oil in the past, which will not only be cleaner and more environmentally friendly, but also the railway transportation capacity will be greatly improved. It is of great significance to promote the industrial development of the economic belt on the northern slope of the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang.

As a domestic leader in polymer waterproofing membranes, since 2022, CANLON has been continuously ushering in good news in the field of railway construction. The railway capacity expansion and reconstruction project demonstrates the strong product competitiveness of integrated waterproofing in the field of railway construction. Speaking of which, we also have other excellent products such as polyurethane waterproof coating, HDPE waterproof membrane, PVC/TPO waterproofing membrane and so on.


With the above information, we hope you can get to know our company better. In the current new economic development pattern, CANLON has made remarkable achievements in environmental protection, energy saving, carbon reduction by adhering to "high quality" and "green production ". We pursue the quality of our products and customer experience. If you wish to know more about CANLON, welcome to reach out.

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