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People-oriented Canlon | Canlon Team's Outdoor Activity To Huangshan

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On March 31, 2024, the Correspondent Team of Canlon Co., Ltd. ushered in another gathering event . The team met on the weekend to go to the Huangshan Scenic Area and Cultural Heritage Site "Lucun" to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains and rivers through the slanting wind and drizzle.

canlon waterproofing team

In the writings of Xu Xiake, a geographer of the Ming Dynasty who visited famous mountains and rivers, the magnificent Huangshan Mountain is a unique existence. Huangshan Mountain in the drizzle has a unique scenery. When most of the colors are blocked by rain and fog, only black and white are left, which is very similar to Chinese ink landscape paintings. As far as the eye can see, everything is covered with ink, and the Canlon team membrane traveling through the mountains seem to have become the characters in the painting.

Huang Shan Mountain

There is a time to clear the clouds and see the end of the sun, and to watch the clouds open and see the bright moon. Along the way, Canlon's team helped each other, encouraged each other, shared with each other, and never let any colleague fall behind. They persevered and climbed to the top. At this time, I looked down at the sea of clouds in the distance and reflected the great rivers and mountains of the motherland in my heart. It was really beautiful and I felt that the hardships along the way were all worth it.

Huangshan Mountain

Climbing is different from taking a leisurely walk or running wantonly. No matter how difficult and dangerous it is, you have to move towards the goal of reaching the top. This will inevitably require selfless struggle and an attitude of sticking to your original intention, not to be confused by the beautiful scenery, not to be disturbed by emotions, and not to be lonely. Trapped, immersed in the journey. As the saying goes, "Nothing is difficult in the world, as long as you are willing to climb." Canlon people who dare to think and do are climbing the ladder, and their body and mind are also growing step by step in the temper of work and life.

Canlon Waterproofing team

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