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International Canlon | Demonstrate The Power Of "Created In China" -Canlon Meet You At The 133rd Canton Fair

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After three years of waiting, the 133rd Canton Fair has fully resumed onsite exhibitions, and guests from all over the world have arrived as scheduled. Canlon also prepared carefully and participated in this event, demonstrating Canlon's innovative products, introducing Canlon's competitive advantages, and planting the seeds of cooperation in the hearts of every customer.

As the saying goes, "After three days of farewell, you should look at it with admiration." Back to the Canton Fair after three years of absence, the new products and new technologies of Canlon have attracted many guests to visit our booth, many of them are from the United States, Spain, Mongolia and India. They are interested in the TPO/PVC waterproofing membrane and TMP Metal Panel(TPO Coated Metal Sheet).


With the addition of three new exhibition areas for industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, new energy and intelligent networked vehicles in this Canton Fair, driven by the new industrial pattern, industrial and commercial roofing system solutions serving the global low-carbon field are also becoming more and more popular and then draw the attention of overseas buyers.

Based on independent innovation, Canlon provides functional building materials with "international quality and Chinese price" for industrial and civil construction, municipal engineering, rail transit, distributed photovoltaic and other fields, serving the low-carbon and zero-carbon construction needs of new industrial and commercial buildings, vividly showing the creativity of Chinese enterprises under the new development pattern.

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