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Installation precautions for Forfens pre-applied waterproofing membrane

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How to store and install the waterproofing membrane ? And what is the application scope of the product? These will take you through in this article.

This article is divided into three points

1. Precautions for storage and transportation

2. Introduction to installation

3. Scope of application


1. Precautions for storage and transportation

1) During transportation and storage, products of different types and specifications should be stacked separately without mixing.

2) Membranes should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, avoid sun and rain, and pay attention to ventilation.

3) The storage temperature should not be higher than 45℃, the stacking height of the membranes should not exceed five layers when stored horizontally, and single-layer stacking when stored upright.

4) Prevent tilting or side pressure during transportation, and cover with felt cloth if necessary.

waterproofing membrane

2. Introduction to installation

1) Substrate cleaning

Before application of the membrane, remove the protrusions from the substrate, make the External & Internal corner at right angles, clean up the garbage and debris, and drain the water in advance.

2) Laying the membrane

The membrane should be loosely laid on the cushion layer with the weather resistant coating layer upward.

3) Membrane overlap

Long edge overlapping: Remove the release liner on the upper surface of the membrane to bond the membranes together by rolling and pressing.

Short edge overlapping: The end laps could be overlapped by MST105 polymer self-adhesive tape for butt seam, or MST202 double-sided internally reinforced polymer self-adhesive tape for staggered butt joint. If necessary, it can be heated appropriately.

4) Follow-up application

After the application of the waterproof layer is completed, the steel bars can be placed and concrete poured.

3. Scope of application

1)  Basement slab of industrial and civil engineering and the foundation wall poured after vertical excavation

2)  Open-cut tunnels and floor slab & exterior walls of sunken road

3)  Below-grade slab and foundation wall of subway station

4)  Other pre-applied waterproof structure methods

The article explains how the Forfens pre-applied waterproofing membrane is installed, as well as its corresponding storage and transportation methods and application scope. Do you know more about the product? Want to know more, welcome to pay attention to our website.

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