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Honor Canlon | Integrated Waterproofing Delivers “High-Quality” Answers: Canlon Won The Jiangsu Province Governor’s Quality Award

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Quality is a kind of responsibility

Recently, the list of winners of the 2023 Jiangsu Province Governor's Quality Award was officially announced. Jiangsu Canlon Building Materials Co., Ltd. has won recognition and awards from the provincial government for its years of intensive cultivation and persistence in the field of polymer waterproof materials. It has become one of the 10 provincial governor’s quality award-winning companies and is also the only company in Suzhou City on the list.

As a major economic and manufacturing province, Jiangsu has always attached great importance to the construction of a strong quality province, and the comprehensive quality and brand strength it strives to build are among the best in the country. Among them, the Governor's Quality Award is the highest award in the quality field in the province, and is only awarded to enterprises and institutions that implement excellent performance management and achieve significant economic and social benefits, as well as individuals who have outstanding achievements in quality work and have made outstanding contributions to Jiangsu's economic and social development. It can be said to be full of gold content.

This award is another major breakthrough in the field of quality management after CANLON won the Suzhou Mayor's Quality Award in 2020 and the Provincial Governor's Quality Award Nomination Award in 2021. It is also an important milestone in the company's high-quality development process, a "high-quality" answer sheet handed over to society and the market.


Taking "green leadership" as strategy

Establish a new paradigm for industry development

Looking back on the past, when the company was founded in 2011, the waterproofing industry was in chaos and non-standard (counterfeit) products were prevalent. CANLON was born in the dark with bright aspirations. It adheres to the positioning of green environmental protection, establishes the strategic direction of polymer waterproof materials in terms of products, establishes the positioning of a benchmark factory for green production in terms of production, and culturally established the corporate values of "Healthy, People-oriented and enterprising". Chairman Qian Lindi solemnly promised to the whole society to "not make non-standard products" and strictly benchmark national and industry standards to produce qualified products.

With CANLON's pioneering polymer pre-applied waterproofing membrane in China, it filled the technical gap in the domestic field of pre-applied waterproofing and broke the technical monopoly of international manufacturers in this field. China's construction waterproofing industry has transformed into polymer era. Since then, abandoning open flame operations and adopting a safe, environmentally friendly, reliable and durable polymer waterproofing material has become a new trend in the industry. Canlon has also won a good market reputation with its differentiated green strategy.

Today, CANLON, which takes green and low-carbon as its core development strategy, implements green into product research and development, production organization, corporate culture construction and other aspects, leading the development of the company. CANLON's services not only cover industrial and civil construction, underground utility tunnels, high-speed railways, subways, tunnels and nuclear power plants, quickly becoming the leader in the field of domestic polymer building waterproofing. On this basis, it also has successfully transformed, cross-border new energy and building renewal, actively promoted low-carbon roof construction, targetedly developed the "Integrated Photovoltaic Roof System", and launched a product system represented by TMP Integrated Panel(TPO Coated Metal) to protect the entire photovoltaic life cycle, setting a new example of low-carbon roofing.


Driven by "iterative innovation"

Let industry benchmarks become industry standards

In the 40 years of development of China's construction waterproofing industry, CANLON is undoubtedly a "new force" in the industry. Facing the already formed competitive landscape, it is even more necessary to "strike ahead". Therefore, the company takes "Technological Pioneer, Green Engine" as its corporate purpose, attaches great importance to innovation work, continues to build and improve its technological innovation platform, and makes "Integrated Waterproof, Iterative Innovation" the driving force for corporate development.

At present, CANLON has innovative platforms such as a national postdoctoral workstation, a national CNAS laboratory, Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center, Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center, China Building Waterproofing Industry Standardization Laboratory, and the only enterprise’s Wind Uplift Laboratory in the waterproofing industry. CANLON has a R&D team of 10 Ph.D.s  and more than 150 people, with fruitful R&D achievements; participated in the compilation of 61 national and industry standards; has 313 national patents, with more than 100 new patent applications each year in the past two years; and has won a total of more than 30 provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological progress awards.

"Iterative innovation" has also established the positioning of CANLON as a benchmark factory in the industry: In 2012, the second year after its establishment, Canlon was praised as an "industry benchmark" by the chairman of the China Building Waterproofing Industry Association just after it was put into production. When the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology working on formulating industry access conditions at that time, the design and production methods of Canlon's factory in Suzhou was used as an important reference.

Canlon believes that good product concepts and benchmark factory construction must be demonstrated through leading value. Since the first factory, we have received countless peer observations, inspiring everyone to follow suit. Through continuous "iteration and innovation", Canlon has led the industry to continuously upgrade, making the industry's "benchmark" gradually become the industry's "standard configuration".

Currently, the company has invested 1.5 billion yuan to build a polymer industrial park, which is the polymer waterproofing membrane production base with the largest monomer production capacity and the most complete categories in the world. The TPO/PVC/PE production lines are based on the production technology accumulated by Canlon through many years of practice. The demand is customized with the world's first-class equipment manufacturers; together with the Italian asphalt membrane production line of the Tangshan factory, the polymer production line of the Huanggang factory, the anti-sag polyurethane co-extrusion production line and other equipment, Canlon once again leads the "Chinese standards" to stand forefront of the international horizontal line.


With "uniform management" as the core

Create a new business card for China’s quality to go global

Canlon's quality management concept of "uniformity" comes from the consensus of all members of the company. This consensus has never wavered since its establishment. In a word, it is "to provide comprehensive care for the durability and reliability of buildings with uniform products and services."

In order to meet customer needs for rapid supply, the company has successively built new production bases in Tangshan, Hebei Province, Huanggang, Hubei Province, Nanchong, Sichuan Province and other places. In order to ensure stable and consistent product quality under different production conditions, the company proposes the quality management concept of "standardized, uniform and comprehensive control". With the goal of consistent product quality across the entire group, it strengthens full-process quality management to ensure that the quality of products produced by different factories is stable and meets the quality standards established by the company.

Today, CANLON is at a new starting point and won the 2023 Jiangsu Province Governor’s Quality Award, singing the “good voice” of Jiangsu Province’s quality management. In the future, we will also follow the national strategy of "peak carbon neutrality", cooperate with the "Belt and Road" and "dual circulation" strategies, adopt an open and enterprising attitude, actively integrate all the advanced wisdom of the entire global industry chain, and adhere to the main track of functional building materials and create a "new business card" for Chinese quality to go global!

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