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Honor Canlon | Canlon Won the Title of "2022 China's Best Service Provider for Rooftop Energy System Solution "

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On July 23, "Embrace the Great Era of Distributed Photovoltaics" - the 4th China Household Photovoltaic Conference and Forum on High-Quality Development of Distributed Energy was held in Jinan in 2022. Canlon was shortlisted for the Excellent Brand Award with its excellent products and reputation. List and achieve good results.

At the meeting, experts and employees from the financial, photovoltaic, construction and other fields gathered to discuss the current status and future trends of distributed photovoltaic development, and awarded the 2022 China Rooftop Energy Excellent Brand Award on the spot. The 50 photovoltaic companies won 8 awards by virtue of their own excellent technology and high-quality products, or by virtue of better service and comprehensive business.

Among them, Canlon won the title of "2022 China's Best Rooftop Energy System Solution Service Provider" for its integrated photovoltaic roof system solution.

Taking this award as an opportunity, Canlon will continue to improve product quality and service level, establish more extensive and stable strategic cooperative relations with domestic and foreign customers, and return customers' trust and love. Canlon will focus on the research and development of polymer products, continue to develop the new energy sector, and achieve a win-win situation of economic and social benefits.

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