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Forfens Self-adhesive pre-applied waterproofing membrane

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Introduction of Forfens Self-adhesive pre-applied waterproofing membrane

Forfens Self-adhesive pre-applied waterproofing membrane (Migration Barrier Product),comprised of white polymer sheet (HDPE or TPO), pressure sensitive adhesive, and weather resistant coating layer. The side lap has self-adhesive and welding type, and self-adhesive type has a layer of factory lap on the back side of membrane. Welding type’s side laps is white polymer sheet (HDPE or TPO).

The weather resistant coating layer is a special developed organic chemical, which can react with poured concrete and has an effective bonding, it can also effectively protect pressure sensitive adhesive layer and prevent the stick. The backside factory lap can enhance the installation and significantly improve the overlapping strength. In the more extreme jobsite condition (such as rains, water, low temperature, etc.), it can also achieve effective connection on factory laps.

The installation of the forfens pre-applied waterproofing membrane adopts the pre-laying anti-sticking method,which can realize a full bonding with the casted concrete and avoid the water migration.

forfens pre-applied waterproofing membrane

Common types


Polymer sheet thickness(mm)





1.0、1.2 or 2.0

20 or 30



1.0、1.2 or 2.0

20 or 30



1.0、1.2 or 2.0

20 or 30

Note: Other specifications can also be customized


Significant forfens pre-applied waterproofing membrane features and advantages

1.White sheet, easy to identify

When HDPE or TPO is made of a poor material such as a recycled material (powder), it is inevitable that the sheet is colored with a large amount of impurities (black, yellow, etc.). CANLON use white non-recycled HDPE or TPO (pellets) as raw materials, and the sheets are pure white, which is easy to identify and does not add inferior recycled materials.

2.  Pressure sensitive adhesive with excellent physical properties

The sub-divided adhesive film is independently developed and produced by our company. Compared with similar products, it has good initial viscosity, good adhesion effect, and better construction application.

3. Excellent weather resistance

The specially formulated polymer self-adhesive film and weather-resistant anti-stick coating make the coiled material still have pre-laid anti-stick performance after several days of environmental impact (including trample pollution, sun exposure and water spray, etc.)

4. Good dimensional stability

The change rate of the membrane size does not exceed 0.5%. Under the sun exposure, the wrinkles is small, which is far superior to the similar product.

5. Outstanding resistance to impact

CANLON passed the impact performance test: the impact hammer weight 1kg, the impact head diameter 10mm, free fall from the 600mm height cannot pierce the membrane. From a global perspective, this performance is internationally advanced and can effectively reduce the possibility of membrane being destroyed in construction.

6. Corrosion resistance

CANLON passed the "acid, alkali, salt" test in National Building Materials Testing Center, in the general saline-alkali or acid rain area, the performance of the membrane is not affected.


forfens pre-applied waterproofing membrane

 7. Overlapping in the water

The adhesive coating is provided on the backside of membrane factory lap, which can enhance the application of membrane and significantly improve the overlapping strength. In the more extreme construction condition (such as rainy days, water, low temperature, etc.), effective overlapping can also be realized).

forfens pre-applied waterproofing membrane forfens pre-applied waterproofing membrane 2

In this article, we introduced the forfens (self-adhesive) pre-applied waterproofing membrane, including the details of the products, the common types of the products, and the distinctive features and advantages of the products. For more information about the forfens pre-applied waterproofing membrane, please consult our website.

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