Forfens Pre-applied Waterproofing Membrane passed the EU CE certification
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Forfens Pre-applied Waterproofing Membrane passed the EU CE certification

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Recently, CANLON Forfens Pre-applied Waterproofing Membrane has obtained the EU CE certification, becoming another new product that has obtained EU certification after MBP Pro Pre applied Waterproofing Membrane, PVC Roofing Membrane, TPO Roofing Membrane three polymer waterproofing membranes and MPU polyurethane waterproof coatings.


Outline of this article

1. What is the Forfens Pre-applied Waterproofing Membrane produced by CANLON?

2.Three Advantages of Forfens Pre-applied Waterproofing Membrane


1. What is the Forfens Pre-applied Waterproofing Membrane produced by CANLON?

Forfens Pre-applied Waterproofing Membrane is a technologically advanced pre-applied self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, composed of HDPE/TPO film, pressure-sensitive adhesive and special surface coating as a weather-resistant protective layer. It can form a good bonding with the post-cast concrete. The weather-resistant coating layer enables the membrane with more stable performances of UV resistance, dust contamination resistance and water immersion resistance. After pouring concrete, the weather-resistant coating layer will react with the concrete and then lose its separating function, so as to stimulate the activity of the underneath polymer self-adhesive film to achieve a good bonding between the membrane and post-cast concrete. According to EN/ASTM standards, it can meet the requirements for waterproofing of below grade slabs in basement, tunnel and so on.

Forfens Pre-applied Waterproofing Membrane 

2.Three Advantages of Forfens Pre-applied Waterproofing Membrane

Compared with similar products, it has the advantages of better initial adhesion, better bonding effect, and better construction applicability.

Better initial adhesion: higher flexibility can ensure good compliance with the substrate surface during application of the membrane. It does not contain plasticizers, whose exudation and migration will cause membrane’s rapid aging phenomenon, thus extends the service life of the membranes.

Better bonding effect: The weather-resistant anti-adhesive coating on the surface fully covers the polymer self-adhesive film below, and its bonding performance with post-cast concrete is basically free from adverse factors such as ultraviolet radiation, dust contamination pollution, rainwater immersion, etc.


The construction applicability is better: the bulk density of the commonly used 1.2mm thick membrane is only 1.3kg/㎡, which is 26% less than the bulk density of traditional polymer pre-applied membranes, thus can greatly reduce transportation costs and facilitate on-site vertical wall construction. Dimensional variation rate does not exceed 0.5%. Under the sun exposure on site, the degree of wrinkle of the membrane is light, which is far better than that of similar national standard membranes.


Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, foreign trade in all industries in 2020 faces huge challenges. Under the severe international situation, Canlon took the initiative to cooperate with overseas customers to solve their problems. Until now, Canlon export volumes continued to grow, not only basically completed the plan of the first half year, but also developed new markets under this severe circumstance. In addition, Canlon shares are developing even more new products to meet the diversified needs from our customers in the international market.

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