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Focus on CANLON | Final acceptance of Karachi nuclear power plant, China is proud of more than just "Hualong One"!

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Under the framework of the Belt and Road cooperation, China has built the largest nuclear power plant in Pakistan: the Karachi Nuclear Power Station. This nuclear power plant makes Pakistan the first country in the world to adopt China's third-generation nuclear power technology - "Hualong No. 1" nuclear reactor, which is of great significance and symbolizes China's most advanced nuclear power industry technology level.


As the leader of the polymer category in China's waterproofing field, CANLON has proudly undertaken the waterproofing project, applying its self-developed MBP polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane to the project. It carries not only the excellent quality of building materials under the CNNC certification, but also the friendship and trust between countries.


In the context of the long-lasting friendship between China and Pakistan, CANLON attaches great importance to the Pakistani market. The company had received a generous invitation from the organizers as the only domestic building waterproofing manufacturer to participate in an international commodities fair at the port of Gwadar, actively expanding the Pakistani market and seeking more partners who chase quality waterproofing.

China Nuclear Energy Industry Association in the "China Nuclear Energy Development Report (2021)" pointed out that in the context of carbon peak, carbon neutral, the energy and power system's clean, low-carbon transformation process in China will be further accelerated, nuclear energy as a near-zero emissions of clean energy, will have a broader space for development.


CANLON follows the national development trend, innovates and develops low-carbon and energy-saving environmental protection products, and is the first in the industry to apply waterproofing systems to nuclear power projects, contributing to a large number of high-quality projects such as Shandong Rongcheng Nuclear Power Station, Zhejiang Sanmen Nuclear Power Station, Fujian Fuqing Nuclear Power Station and Fujian Xiapu Nuclear Power Station.


Through the above information, do you have a further understanding of CANLON, a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D. manufacturing, sales and construction services of waterproofing? In addition, we also produce Anti Sagging Likfix Polyurethane Waterproofing Coatings, PVC roofing membrane, MPU Polyurethane roofing coating. For each material, we have strict quality control process, if you want to know further, please pay attention to our company.

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