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Focus Canlon | Metal Envelope System New Technology Observation Seminar Was Held In Canlon CPCM Park

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Watch Seminar /2023

Metal envelope experts gathered in Canlon


In order to strengthen the exchange of new products and new technologies in the metal envelope system industry, implement the concept of high-quality development of the industry under the new situation, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the metal envelope system industry, on July 11, 2023, the metal envelope system new technology watch seminar was held in Canlon CPCM Park. Experts from Metal Roofing and Envelope System Branch and representatives from relevant units visited Canlon for observation and exchange.

Collision of Ideas

The experts attending the seminar were Mr. Zhu Dongqing, secretary-general of China Building Waterproof Association, and Mr. Gu Taichang, chairman of the Construction and Municipal Engineering Product Application Branch of China Engineering Construction Standardization Association, Ms. Cai Zhaoyun, chief expert of China Metallurgical Construction Research Institute Co., Ltd., deputy secretary-general of the Architectural Design Standardization Technical Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Mr.Wang Baoqiang and Mr. Zhang Yehong, rotating presidents of the Metal Roof Association Technology Branch, and leaders and technical experts of leading companies in the metal envelope system industry. They gathered together to put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on the development of metal envelope system industry and building waterproof industry. Mr.Qian Lindi, Chairman of CANLON, Mr. Li Zhongren, President, Ms. Wang Pingping, Vice President, and Mr.Wang Yazhou, General Manager of Roofing System Technology Center, warmly received the visiting experts and participated in the meeting.

The meeting was presided over by Ms. Cai Zhaoyun. She introduced the work responsibilities of the metal roof and envelope system branch and the main participants of the meeting, and expressed the background and expectations of coming to Canlon to observe, learn and communicate. At the same time, she also said that the current compilation of engineering technical regulations for TPO Coated Metal Panels has started, and more technical backbones are welcome to join in the compilation of this standard.

Chairman Qian Lindi expressed his warm welcome to the experts and leaders who came from afar under the scorching heat. Canlon was very honored to share at this meeting the company's innovative achievements in the field of roofing engineering under the guidance of industry associations in recent years . At the same time, we also provide rich and reliable solutions for the renovation of existing metal roofs and the installation of photovoltaics. The attending experts are invited to give guidance and offer suggestions for the development of new materials and new technologies in the industry.

Secretary-General Zhu Dongqing humorously stated that it is not easy for so many experts to gather together today, and it is a very ceremonial day for everyone to go to the roof to observe, communicate and bask in the sun, which is also a very ceremonial thing. He introduced that under the background of the real estate industry downturn, waterproofing companies are transforming one after another. Canlon is one of the fast-growing and innovative companies. Canlons CPCM Park is also the world's largest production base of polymer waterproofing materials with the latest categories. Therefore, the association is very confident in Canlon's equipment technology and innovation capabilities, and will fully collect the opinions of experts present. It is hoped that all experts will leave enough imagination space for innovative technology to utilize and develop its potential capabilities, and in the future, the metal envelope system and the waterproof industry will strengthen exchanges and develop together.

In the technical exchange session, President Li Zhongren introduced the basic structure, system scheme and various performance indicators of Canlon TPO Coated Metal Panel(TMP Panel) to the experts, including the parameters of flame retardant and wind uplift resistance, showed the animation of the installation steps, compared it with the waterproof layer below, the advantages of TPO Coated Metal Panel in quality control, safety control and even maintenance, and proposed that physical anti-corrosion is a simpler and more reliable choice for current industrial and commercial roofs.

Wang Yazhou, general manager of the Roofing System Technology Center, introduced Canlon's renovation methods for existing metal roofs. There are various options such as fully adhered system, self-adhesive system, and mechanically fixed system. He introduced in detail the construction process under different solutions and the transformation method of installing photovoltaics, and shared the style and installation process of the vertical support, the arrangement of the fixing components and the installation scheme of photovoltaic modules.

The conference also invited Pan Yang, deputy general manager of GoodWe Photoelectric Building Materials Co., Ltd. to come on stage, and introduced the Galaxy lightweight photoelectric building material system and its installation method jointly developed by GoodWe and Canlon, and introduced the cost advantages of the system and various new application scenarios in the new energy era.

The conference set up a free exchange and discussion and answering session. Experts discussed how to overcome the temperature difference problem of the new metal roof, how to match the labor efficiency of the installation process, and how to match the requirements of the new waterproof regulations.

Afterwards, the participants visited the Canlon Advanced Technology Research Institute, the second phase of the CPCM park exhibition hall and TPO coated metal roof system, and went to the renovated roof of the No. 2 workshop of the Canlon Suzhou Factory, and conducted on-site observation and exchange of the practical application of the TPO coated metal roof system.

The development of the industry is inseparable from the technological progress of each segment. By bringing together the experience and wisdom of industry experts, making up for key shortcomings, and achieving technological complementarity, we will definitely be able to better promote the high-quality development of green buildings and low-carbon roofs!

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