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Excellent CANLON | Integrated waterproofing helped Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Centre win the Luban Award

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Recently, the official website of China Construction Industry Association announced the first batch of China Construction Engineering Luban Award (National Quality Project) for 2020-2021. The Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Centre, of which CANLON participated in the construction, was successfully selected.

The Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center has a total construction area of 570,000 square meters, with a total project site area of 320,000 square meters, which is equivalent to 16 Zhengzhou Hanghai Road Stadium. The main venue of the stadium can accommodate 60,000 people and can hold domestic comprehensive games and international single important events. It fills the gap of a large comprehensive competition venue in Zhengzhou.

In addition, the Olympic Sports Centre also contains a large Grade A stadium and a Grade A swimming pool. The external roof of the building is enclosed by metal roofing and sunlight panels, and from the outside the Olympic Sports Centre and the other two venues look like shining giant glass bodies set near the South-North Water Diversion Canal, together forming the new sports centre of Zhengzhou.


Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Centre began to construct on November 1st, 2016. CANLON shares successfully won the tender for the project to provide systematic waterproofing services. On June 25, 2019, the main arena of the project was declared fully completed.

Through field visits to the project site and layers of review of the submitted information, the expert group affirmed the sports centre project in terms of the promotion and application of new technologies and materials, the overall effect of construction, as well as the practical functions of the project and the archiving of information. In the end, Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Centre was successfully selected for the "Luban Award". Previously, the project had also won the highest level achievement award in the 4th National Quality Innovation Competition.


This prestigious award demonstrates the excellent quality of CANLON's products and the fine and honest construction workmanship. In recent years, CANLON has helped to create a number of projects that have won the Jinyu Award, the Luban Award and the National Quality Engineering Award.


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