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Demonstration projects, innovative technology--Two of CANLON's Products Receive Prestigious Awards from Shanghai Construction Association

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On 7 January 2021, the fourth meeting of the fourth council and the fifth chairman's meeting of the Shanghai Construction Association was held at Shanghai Huasheng Building. CANLON’stwo products won awards: MBP-P pre-applied self-adhesive waterproofing membrane was rated 2020 "demonstration projects, innovative technology" Achievement Award; LIKFIX anti-sagging polyurethane waterproofing coating was rated 2020 "demonstration projects, innovative technology " Winning Award.


According to provisions of the Shanghai Construction Association "2020 year" demonstration projects, innovative technology "selection methods" , the evaluation group of experts carried out the initial evaluation and inspection work for 55 items declared by each member unit . The final list of winners was confirmed by the Association's Selection Leading Group and online public announcement.


CANLON MBP-P Pre-applied Waterproofing Membrane, LIKFIX Waterproofing Coating as the company's own research and development of new waterproofing materials, has always maintained the iterative innovation, continue to optimize the product formula and performance over the years. In 2020, the two products uccessively won the Golden Award for the creation of research and excellent black technology, the China International Roofing and Construction Waterproofing Technology Exhibition Outstanding New Product Award, Outstanding Science and Technology Innovation Product Third Prize of Jiangsu Underground Space Institute , harvesting recognition from the industry and the market,making the best illustration of the company's brand concept of "iterative innovation" 


That's all the information in this content, through the above information, do you already have a deeper understanding of CANLON? CANLON is an enterprise intergrating research and development, manufacturing, sales, and construction services of waterproof materials, we also produce PVC roofing membrane, Forfens Pre-applied Waterproofing Membranes, and EPU Waterproofing Coating. If you want to know more products welcome to contact us.

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