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CANLON was selected as an AA grade enterprise in Jiangsu Province for quality credit of industrial enterprises in 2020

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Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Administration and Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the Notice on the Announcement of the List of AAA and AA Grade Enterprises of Quality Credit for Industrial Enterprises in Jiangsu Province in 2020. CANLON was successfully selected as an AA-grade enterprise of quality credit for industrial enterprises in Jiangsu Province.


Quality Credit Enterprise for Industrial Enterprises in Jiangsu Province is based on the requirements of "Several Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on the Construction of Social Credit System" and "Opinions of the Provincial Government on Accelerating Quality Development". Based on the local standard of "Quality Credit Evaluation of Industrial Enterprises", the enterprises were approved by the procedures of voluntary declaration, data evaluation, on-site verification, consultation and public announcement. A total of 87 enterprises have been approved as AA grade in the province.


Adhering to the quality concept of "international quality at Chinese price", CANLON insists on creating product with quality that is comparable to international famous brands, guiding the transformation and upgrading of the industry, reshaping the healthy market ecology, and moving from a benchmark factory to a world factory, and has achieved remarkable results.


The announcement pointed out that it is hoped that the majority of enterprises in the province will take the example of enterprises with quality credit grade AA and above and continue to enhance their awareness of quality and integrity, continue to promote the modernization of the quality governance system and governance capacity, strive to be an example, strive to be a model, walk in the forefront, and provide quality credit guarantee for the construction of the new Jiangsu province that is strong, rich, beautiful and high.

From the above information, do you have a further understanding of CANLON, a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D. manufacturing, sales and construction services of waterproofing? In addition, we also produce Likfix Waterproofing Coatings, PVC Roofing Membrane, MPU Roofing Coatings, For each material, we have a strict process and quality control. If you want to know more, please pay attention to our company.

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