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Benchmark Canlon | Tangshan Production Base Obtained the Certificate of "Greenhouse Gas Emission Verification Statement"

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Recently, Tangshan Canlon New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained the "Greenhouse Gas Emission Verification Statement" certificate verified and awarded by a third-party certification company. It marks that the company's carbon emission management has met international standards, laying a solid foundation for the company to improve its carbon management level and implement the "dual carbon" strategy.

It is understood that the premise of the issuance of the "Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement" certificate is "accurate capture of carbon footprint". In this work, a professional team is formed by a third-party certification company, which refers to the accounting standards of the enterprise, and from the perspective of the whole life cycle, conducts bottom-up accounting and certification of the carbon emissions in the production process of the enterprise. As an intuitive new indicator of environmental protection, "accurate carbon footprint capture" is a higher practical standard for companies to understand and implement circular economy, and also helps to enhance corporate image and corporate brand value.

At present, Canlon focuses on the construction of the global low-carbon field, and cooperates with partners to establish the global low-carbon (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on new energy, new material products and technology research and development. It has continuously provided more cost-effective solutions for markets such as distributed photovoltaic roofs, integration of agriculture, animal husbandry, light storage, and sponge city construction.

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