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Benchmark Canlon | Digital Intelligent Construction Continues To Upgrade, Tangshan Factory Has Obtained DCMM Certification

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Recently, the China Electronic Information Industry Federation announced the list of the latest batch of companies that have obtained the Data Management Capability Maturity (DCMM) certificate through its official website. Tangshan Canlon New Material Technology Co., Ltd.(Canlons Factory in Tangshang) has obtained the DCMM (Level 2) certification awarded by the China Electronic Information Industry Federation.

This standard is the first domestic national standard in the field of data management issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2018. Comprehensively evaluate the enterprise's data management situation from the eight capability domains of data strategy, data governance, data architecture, data standards, data life cycle, data application, data quality and data security.

Through implementing the DCMM standard, the Tangshan factory has comprehensively sorted out enterprise data assets, realized the unification of data systems, data standards, and data models, formed a set of data governance work ideas, and normalized and continued data governance work.This certification marks that the company's data management capabilities have reached a relatively advanced level in the industry, further enhancing the company's benchmark position in the North China waterproof market.

Up to now, the company has won the honorary qualifications of Hebei Green Factory Leading Enterprise, Hebei Specialized and Special New Small and Medium Enterprises, Specialized and Special New Demonstration Enterprises, Provincial Intelligent Manufacturing Benchmark Enterprises, Provincial Digital Workshops, and A-level R&D Institutions. In the future, CANLON will continue to use digital intelligence construction as an important engine to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and contribute to the innovation and development of the industry.

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