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Benchmark Canlon | Canlon Was Approved To Set Up a National Post-Doctoral Research Station

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Recently, the Office of the National Postdoctoral Management Committee issued the "Letter on the Recordation of the First Batch of Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstations in 2022". The first batch of postdoctoral scientific research workstations registered in 2022 was newly released, and Canlon was successfully approved and selected.

canlon waterproofing

The postdoctoral system is an important system for cultivating high-level innovative young talents in my country. In recent years, a large number of well-known enterprises and new research institutions have actively applied for the establishment of post-doctoral research workstations. Post-doctoral workstations have become an important channel for large-scale enterprises to cultivate and attract high-level talents, an important platform for scientific research innovation, and an important window for open cooperation. 

In recent years, Canlon has actively implemented the talent introduction plan and continuously introduced college and highly educated professionals. In 2018, the company was approved to establish a post-doctoral innovation practice base in Jiangsu Province, and successfully developed a new structure of impermeable composite materials for the needs of a new generation of nuclear power, won the Provincial Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Project and the Industry Science and Technology Gold Award. In 2020, the company was approved to establish the Suzhou Advanced Technology Research Institute of large independent brand enterprise and leading enterprise, to build an innovative platform for future scientific research work to attract more technical backbones. The approval to establish a national post-doctoral research station is another important achievement of the company in the construction of scientific research platforms and the training of high-level talents. So far, Canlon has owned eight innovative scientific research platforms.

canlon waterproofing

canlon waterproofing

Focusing on the comprehensive construction and vigorous investment of the innovative scientific research platform, Canlon has the corresponding originality and competitiveness in the market segments such as polymer waterproof materials, new optoelectronic building materials, and global low-carbon roofing products.

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