Benchmark CANLON| The gale is torturing: are you seriously preparing for my arrival?
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Benchmark CANLON| The gale is torturing: are you seriously preparing for my arrival?

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In the past two decades, metal roofing systems have been increasingly used on large-scale public and industrial buildings in China. The rapid development has also exposed many problems in terms of specifications, materials, design, construction and management.


The poor wind uplift resistance of roofing systems can lead to accidents such as lifting and leaking under the action of wind and rain. Therefore, whether it is a new, re-built or already built roofing system, it should be reasonably tested for wind uplift resistance to provide a basis for the reliability of the building and to guarantee the safety of the building.


Side View of Wind Uplift Resistance Testing Equipment


Relying on the post-doctoral innovation practice base in Jiangsu Province, standardised laboratories and the Suzhou Institute of Advanced Technology for Polymer Building Materials, CANLON Polymer Building Materials Industrial Park has become the only enterprise in the building waterproofing industry to have set up a laboratory of wind uplift resistance test dedicated to polymer roofing and waterproofing materials, providing a scientific and systematic guarantee for future product development, testing and quality control.


The PVC waterproof membrane produced by the CANLON Polymer Building Materials Industrial Park uses high-quality imported PVC resin powder and environmentally friendly plasticizers. The artificial climate accelerated aging of the product can reach 8000 hours, and the wind uplift resistance capacity reaches 9.3KPa, far exceeding the national standard level; TPO membrane use copolymer raw materials, which have stronger thermoplasticity and weather resistance compared with general blend raw materials. It is a product that has passed the artificial accelerated weather aging test  for 10,000 hours, and has a wind uplift resistance of 11.5KPa and a long exposed life of more than 25 years. In fact, our company has other outstanding products. For example, HDPE waterproof membrane, polyurethane waterproof coating and self-adhesive bitumen membrane, each of which has been subjected to rigorous quality tests.



With the product advantages of TPO/PVC roofing membrane, CANLON has pioneered the TMP/PMP steel-plastic composite panel , which combines the advantages of polymer membrane and metal panel, so that the overlapping parts and details are changed from rigid to flexible, reducing the risk of leakage at the overlapping seams and detailed nodes, providing sound and noise insulation , weathering and corrosion resistance, and extending the service life of metal roofing. It has a wide range of application prospects in the fields of industrial plants, transportation hubs, public buildings, new infrastructure, new and refurbished roofs.


CANLON is an international high-tech enterprise, supplying high quality building waterproofing materials, if you wish to know more about our products, welcome to reach out.



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