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Witness the six best of "CANLON"(Part 1)

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China Bridge, China Road, China Car, China Port, China Net... all the extraordinary industrial achievements, leading a new era of power, these are great monuments made by the hard work of the Chinese people with sweat and tears.


As a national waterproof brand in the new era, CANLON has also been making its own slightly positive contribution to the rise of China. This article lists six "CANLON's best", let's take a look.


 Outline of this article:

1. China's largest civil servant housing project

2. China's largest poverty alleviation and relocation project

3. China's utility tunnel project in the mountain city

4. The tallest building in Beijing

5. The tallest building in Long Beach, United States

6. Pakistan's largest nuclear power plant


China's largest civil servant housing project

The Guanghua New City housing project is located in the Baiziwan area of Chaoyang District, Beijing. It was funded and constructed by the Central State Agency Housing Construction Service Center of the State Administration of China. The total construction area covers over2.4 million square meters. It was the largest civil servant housing project in China at that time . The project is a "design-construction" integrated general contracting project, which is general contracted by Beijing ZhuZong Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing Residential Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. After detailed argumentation by experts, the project adopted the integrated waterproof solution recommended by CANLON, and  more products such as MBP pre-applied waterproofing membrane, MPU Waterproofing coating and MST tape were applied in this project.


China's largest poverty alleviation and relocation project

The total construction and installation contract value of the Jing'an  Poverty Alleviation and Relocation Project in Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province and the Maojiawan Poverty Alleviation and Relocation Project in Ludian County is about 11.9 billion yuan. It is planned to resettle about 100,000 relocated households in relocation for poverty alleviation. In October 2018, China State Construction Group,. The project adopts the CANLON MBP pre-applied waterproofing membrane on the below grade slab to make the installation simple and assure good waterproofing quality for the new house.

China's first utility tunnel project in the mountain city

After the announcement of the first batch of pilot cities for the construction of underground utility tunnel, Liupanshui City, which was the first to respond to the deployment of the State Council, completed the PPP public bidding first, and the first phase of the utility tunnel project on Zhongshan Avenue in Zhongshan District was started. The project is located in a karst area, with an excavation depth of 9.5m, abundant groundwater, and various types of rock and soil. The complexity level of the engineering environment is level 1, the foundation level is level 1, and the importance of the project is also level 1! The complex working environment has brought great difficulty to the construction. The waterproof area of the first phase of the project alone is as high as more than 400,000 square meters, and the test of the waterproof technology is very severe. In the waterproofing special seminar, the integrated waterproofing system provided by CANLON was highly recognized by owners,the general contractor, and the supervisor. It was determined as the only feasible solution for the project. For this project, CANLON won the 2018 Jinyu Award (Gold Award) .

(To be continued...)

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