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Technology Canlon | Canlon’s Waterproof Board Production Process Won The National Invention Patent

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Canlon Hubei Factory

Recently, CANLON's Hubei Factory received an invention patent certificate granted by the State Intellectual Property Office. This marks that Canlon’s innovative achievements in waterproofing board production technology in the field of railway construction have been authoritatively recognized.

Canlon invention patent certificate

Waterproof board is an anti-seepage material made of polymer as the basic raw material. It can prevent liquid leakage and gas volatilization. It is widely used in construction, transportation, subways, tunnels, and engineering construction. This time the high-efficiency waterproofing board slitting device designed by Canlon optimizes and improves the structure of the traditional slitting device. It ensures the cleanliness of the processing site, saves the time of separately cleaning debris and dust, and further improves production efficiency.

According to my country's "Medium and Long-term Railway Network Plan", by 2030, the long-term railway network scale will reach about 200,000 kilometers, including about 45,000 kilometers of high-speed railways, with an average annual growth rate of about 2%. In the future, China's high-speed railway network market capacity will further expand, project quality will continue to expand and improve, and areas such as basic engineering construction, equipment and material manufacturing, and operation management will continue to usher in new investment hotspots. CANLON will also be based on innovation and make persistent efforts to better hold up a "protective umbrella" for China's new infrastructure.

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