Progressive CANLON- Join Hands with Qipan Agricultural Technology ,To Create a New Rural Area with Characteristic Industries
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Progressive CANLON- Join Hands with Qipan Agricultural Technology ,To Create a New Rural Area with Characteristic Industries

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Recently, Jiangsu Canlon Building Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CANLON") and Jilin Qipan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qipan Agricultural Technology") jointly invested to establish a joint venture company, which will make full use of CANLON's competitive advantage in integrating PV rooftop systems and Qipan Agricultural Technology's rich experience in new energy and rural revitalization to jointly develop rooftop distributed PV power generation projects.


Located in Qipan Village, Jiangbei Township, Longtan District, Jilin City, Qipan Agricultural Technology is the main business entity of the agricultural sector under Jilin Qipan Ecological Agriculture Group Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Qipan Group"). Established in 2012, Qipan Group is a collective enterprise belonging to Qipan Village and a key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Jilin Province. The main business of the company has gradually transformed from the real estate development business at the beginning of its establishment to the agricultural industry. At this stage, pig breeding is the main business, and feed processing, agricultural products planting and processing, herbal medicine planting and other supporting industries, gradually developing a circular agricultural industry system, and the assets of the group are hundreds of millions of dollars.

Under the vigorous support of leaders at all levels, Qipan Village has won many honorary titles such as National Civilized Village & Town, National Women's Federation Model Village for Grassroots Organization Construction, Provincial Advanced Unit for New Rural Construction, Provincial Model Village for Safe Family, Provincial Civilized Village and Town, Provincial Provincial Model Village for New Socialist Rural Construction, Provincial Five-star Village Party Organization for Rural Party Construction, etc. Nowadays, Qipan Group is actively exploring and carrying out the new model of "New Countryside + Rural Revitalization" for the development of agricultural and pastoral scenery cycle, to improve the sustainable development of agriculture and activate the endogenous power of rural revitalization.


The cooperation between CANLON and Qipan will be based on the principle of "strategic synergy, complementary advantages, mutual benefits and common development", integrating the advantages of capital, scale operation, market-oriented management and professional technology of each party, following the market-oriented pricing principle, establishing a long-term cooperation mechanism, and promoting a comprehensive and the cooperation between the two sides is comprehensive and multi-level. It will further promote the rapid pace of new energy construction in Qipan Village and support the revitalization of high-quality countryside, and will also be conducive to the expansion of polymer waterproofing materials in roof distributed photovoltaic application scenarios, better expand market space and improve the company's comprehensive competitive strength, which has positive strategic significance for the company.

Through the above description, do you have a better understanding of CANLON? Our main products include polymer HDPE Waterproof Membrane, TPO/PVC Roofing Membrane and Bituminous Roofing Underlayment. If you need more information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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