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Progressive CANLON - CANLON wins Factory Verification Certification of Grade A from Aupup Platform

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Recently, CANLON received the Supplier Factory Certificate issued by the Aupup platform, and was successfully ranked among the "champions" of high-quality building materials with the excellent achievement of A grade in the assessment.


Aupup is a third-party B2B building materials procurement trading platform jointly initiated by Vanke and Midtown Investment, which exports Vanke's capabilities and resources in building materials procurement bidding, quality management and supplier management to the industry, and jointly solves the problems of unstable quality, fragmented supply chain, opaque transaction links and high capital cost pressure in the building materials field. The business is oriented towards upstream and downstream enterprises in the entire real estate industry, with an annual turnover of over RMB 120 billion, and has a good reputation in the real estate supply chain industry.


To ensure the quality advantage of the platform products, Vanke has set a high entry threshold for platform suppliers. Suppliers are required to submit quality inspection reports together with third-party authoritative testing institutions before they can be admitted to the platform, and they also need to undergo random inspections by the platform's quality management system "Skynet", and the incoming materials are strictly selected through various layers, with quality data being the best among the best, and all brands are first-line brands in the industry. Therefore, Aupup is also known as the "Oscar" of the real estate procurement industry.

The successful award of the A-grade supplier factory certificate is not only a recognition of the technical and innovative power of CANLON's products by the Aupup platform, but also a comprehensive trust in CANLON's production, research and development, quality control, supply and service by strategic partners such as Vanke and other head camp. Taking this as a new starting point,  CANLON will focus on the needs of the Aupup platform, provide more customers with transparent, efficient and convenient, green and environmentally friendly solutions of fusion waterproofing products, and contribute our elabration and intergrity to more construction projects, more real estate developers and more cities.


After the above introduction, can you have a better understanding of CANLON? CANLON is a leading manufacturer of waterproofing materials, In addition, we also produce Likfix Polyurethane Waterproofing Coatings, MPU Polyuerthane Waterproofing Coating, HDPE Pre Applied Waterproofing Membrane, MBA-CL Post Applied Waterproofing Membrane. If you want to know more, please feel free to reach out.

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