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MBP-Pro Pre-applied Waterproofing Membrane

MBP-Pro Pre-applied Waterproofing Membrane
CANLON brand MBP Pro Pre-applied Waterproofing Membrane, composed of white on polymer sheet (HDPE or TPO), pressure sensitive adhesive and weather resistant granular layer the upper surface, is specifically developed to elevate the construction and application performance of below grade waterproofing. Designed with "Dual Lap" technology, it realizes an adhesive to adhesive bond on selvedge overlaps, which enhances the installation applicability and significantly improves the overlapping strength. Even in harsh job site condition (such as rains, water, low temperature, etc.), it still achieves effective connection between membranes.


Sheet Thickness(mm)





1 or 2




1 or 2




1 or 2

15 or 20

  • High Bonding Strength
    Independently develop and produce polymer adhesive, reasonably balance the initial bonding strength and peeling strength of the adhesive, to ensure that the bonding strength of the membrane and the post-poured concrete reach the optimal state, eliminate the water migration channel.
  • Excellent Weather Resistance
    The membrane has undergone a maximum of 49 days of environmental impact (stampede pollution, UV exposure, water, etc.), and the performance remains unchanged.
  • Good Dimensional Stability
    Under on-site sun exposure, the wrinkle degree of the membrane is light, which is far better than that of similar products according to national standards.
  • Corrision Resistant
    Passed the "acid, alkali, salt" test of the National Building Materials Testing Center, and the membrane performance is almost unaffected in the general saline-alkali land or acid rain area.
  • 0verlap in Water
    The membrane can achieve “adhesive to adhesive“ of overdapping, which can significanty of overlapping, which can significantly improve the overlap strength and achieve effective overlap in more harsh job sites (such as rain, water, low temperature, condensation, etc.)
Application Features
  • 1.Reliable Quality
    One waterproof layer can reach the first-level waterproof fortification standard and the application is simple. The waterproof layer is integrated with the concrete structure, and the leakage rate is meager.
  • 2.Shorten the Construction Period
    The structure is simplified, so the optimization of the construction period is extremely obvious; the requirements for substrate and environment are low, the flow operation can be carried out, and the cushion, waterproof and main structure can be constructed synchronously.
  • 3.Reduce the Cost
    The system is simple, omitting the level of screed layer, protective layer, and other structural levels but also reducing the amount of excavation; 
    indirect costs: low leakage rate to reduce maintenance cost, fast construction progress, reduce financial cost.
  • 4.Safe and Environmentally Friendly
    No primer and open fame operation is required to avoid hazards and eliminate security risks.

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