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International Canlon |Roche Group rebuilt the tallest building in Switzerland: they chose Canlon waterproofing membrane!

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About Roche Tower

Roche Tower is the headquarter of Roche Group, an internationally renowned medical company. Founded in Switzerland in 1896, the Roche Group has been focusing on targeted R&D and diagnosis for 125 years, and has been at the forefront of global cancer research and treatment. In 2020, Roche Group's R&D investment reached US$12.5 billion, ranking first in the global pharmaceutical industry for four consecutive years.

About Roche Tower

With the development of the Group's business, the Roche Tower No. 1 built in 2015 can no longer meet the growing demand for R&D and office work. The Roche Group plans to demolish all the surrounding buildings except the Modern Tower No. 1 and the Historical Tower No. 21 Administrative Building, and re-plan and build Tower No.2 and No.3 (as shown in the figure). Among them, Tower No. 2 is 205 meters high, and Tower No. 3 is 221 meters high. The later will surpass Roche Tower No. 1 to become the tallest building in Switzerland.

About Roche Tower

Roche Building is located along the Rhine River in Basel, with rich hydrological resources. Tower 3 plans to build a large underground garage, and the materials used for underground waterproofing projects should be of superior quality. In this regard, the local Party A in Basel hoped to choose a pre-applied waterproofing membrane with outstanding supply capacity and compliance with European standards. With the EU CE certification and rich European application cases, Canlon MBP-Pro polymer pre-applied waterproofing membrane successfully won the bid for the waterproofing project of Roche Tower No. 2 and No. 3, and supplied this material to the Basel construction site in Switzerland, showing Canlon's competitive advantage of "International quality, Chinese price".

About Roche Tower

About Roche Tower

About Roche Tower

Winning the waterproofing project of world-renowned skyscrapers, CANLON is not new. Previously, MBP pre-applied membrane was successfully applied to the underground waterproofing project of East Tower, the tallest building in Long Beach, USA, and won a good reputation. The tallest building in Beijing, China Zun, which makes countless Chinese proud, also applied Canlon’s MPU waterproof coating in the indoor waterproof project.

The story of Canlon’s integrated waterproofing has really become more and more "international"!

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