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International CANLON | Building a new low-carbon, energy-efficient community CANLON pushes green products directly into Switzerland

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Lucerne, the garden city of Switzerland, where you can see the rustic Capel Wooden Bridge, pass by the wonderful lion monument, walk through the medieval old town, and enjoyed Lake Lucerne, one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland. Is there a reason for staying in Lucerne for a few more days?


The answer lies in the Kriens area: a new business community for living, working and relaxing is being built up. CANLON is supplying hundreds of thousands of square metres of MBP HDPE pre applied self-adhesive membrane waterproofing membranes for the construction of this area over a period of almost three years from 2019-2021.


The area is a low-carbon living residential area consisting of 490 flats in addition to a high-rise building of up to 15 stories. Shops, restaurants, baths and various workshops have enlivened the community, and all buildings have passed the Minergie P standard certification (Swiss low-carbon building certification).

CANLON has looked through the foreign press and found that in addition to the famous Minergie P-Eco standard certification for the European construction market, a brand new construction concept has been implemented in the region - the 2000-Watt Community (2000-Watt-Areal).


This is an innovative concept for the intelligent use of energy and resources, with the consistent use of renewable energy forming the basis of the concept. 2000-Watt-Areal combines the challenges of the national energy strategy for 2050 with the international climate goals for Paris in 2015 and proposes that the community is supplied with 100 per cent energy from renewable sources, with a per capita energy consumption standard of 2000 watts and CO2 emissions set at emissions are set at a maximum of one tonne per person per year. The Federal Energy Agency (BFE), together with the certification body, is responsible for issuing the 2,000 watt regional certificate.

Currently, the communities "Erlenmatt West" in Basel, "Greencity" in Zurich and "Im Lenz" in Lenzburg have been awarded this certificate, and the area in which CANLON AG had supplied materials was successfully certified as a 2,000 W community last June.

CANLON has long adhered to the corporate motto of "pioneering technology, green engine", promoting green design and construction, providing quality waterproofing products to the market, while actively contributing to the green development of the industry, creating a green factory for the waterproofing industry, and practising the national "Carbon peak Carbon neutral" strategic objectives. The promotion of MBP HDPE pre applied waterproofing membrane to new communities in Switzerland is a strong testament to the green competitiveness of our polymer products!


Do you have a better understanding of CANLON through the above information?  CANLON is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and waterproof construction services. If you wish to know more about our products, Please feel free to reach out.

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