International CANLON | Awesome! This beachfront hotel in the Philippines is fantastic
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International CANLON | Awesome! This beachfront hotel in the Philippines is fantastic

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The beautiful Philippine coastline is home to a resort called Awesome, where sun, breeze, and sea, with a refreshing outdoor pool and bar and a green grass wedding lawn. Today, CANLON's waterproofing quality will be evident at this hotel.


 The Hotel San Juan Orsem is a 4-star hotel located around 2 km from the center of San Juan. It has a garden restaurant, karaoke and terrace bar, a large outdoor swimming pool, and a free spa and massage service, and residents can also enjoy a good fishing trip at the hotel.


Recently, the San Juan Orsem Hotel has undergone a new expansion, with a further upgrade of the hotel's hardware and fittings. With the frequent exposure to the elements along the coastline, the waterproofing requirements have also risen. For this reason, the San Juan Orsem Hotel chose CANLON MPU-H grey single component polyurethane waterproofing coating. This material is not only easy to apply but also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing With excellent waterproofing properties.


CANLON MPU is chosen to be applied to the roof, bathroom, and the most important outdoor swimming pool, avoiding the degradation of polymer cement waterproofing materials that can occur during wet and dry cycles, and effectively avoids tile drums.


The MPU Waterproofing Coating has a low-profile grey appearance, allowing the hotel's roof and pool to complement each other under the blue sky, with a distant view of the hotel's exterior, simple and elegant. This is the best interpretation of CANLON's “Elaborative Intergradation, Visible Integrity”.


This is all the information in this content, do you already have a better understanding of us? CANLON is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, and construction services of waterproof materials. In addition, we also produce Likfix Waterproofing Coatings, Forfens Pre-applied Waterproofing Membranes, TPO Roofing Coatings. If you want to know more, please contact us in time.

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