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Green CANLON | You can't drink this paint, but you can drink it with confidence in the water distribution facilities that use it!

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Event marketing is the most impressive means of communication, of which the most representative is the famous "Haier smashing the refrigerator" incident. So there are similar events in the waterproofing industry marketing? Not only is there, but there are many. "Drinking paint" is one of the most widely known controversies.


As early as 2000, there is a boss in order to prove that their paint is non-toxic and harmless, performed to drink paint in public, over the years caused many manufacturers to follow suit, such as "cooking with paint", "paint raise goldfish" and so on.


In this regard, experts from the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification Committee and the State Environmental Protection Administration pointed out that it is not scientific to prove that a product is "harmless" by drinking paint, because the harmful substances in paint enter the bloodstream through the respiratory tract after the gas evaporates, while it is difficult to show the harm by entering the digestive tract.


At the same time, even if the paint you drink has no significant effect on the human body for the time being, it is not in line with the humanitarian spirit and does not prove that the paint is environmentally friendly, because the criteria for testing whether a paint is environmentally friendly has never been whether it can be drunk or not, but whether the emissions of VOCs from the paint meet national standards.


Once the media carried out a questionnaire, proving that the marketing means only satisfies the audience's curiosity, in exchange for a short period of publicity effect, most rational people finally understand that the quality of paint is what they really trust and need.




The reason why we are talking about the "drinking paint" incident is that CANLON recently had a new product, MPU polyurethane waterproof coating SINA (hereinafter referred to as MPU-N), pass the test report of "Safety Evaluation Standard for Drinking Water Distribution Equipment" (GB/T 17219-1998). This means that CANLON MPU-N meets the national standard for drinking water transport equipment and can be safely and worry-free applied to relevant equipment to ensure healthy drinking water for residents.


In the 23 items of tests for metals and hazardous substances listed in the report, CANLON MPU-N met all the requirements of the standard. Admittedly, as a coating, it cannot be drank directly, but the water in any pipeline equipment that uses CANLON MPU-N coating is healthy for humans! CANLON can't perform drinking paint in public, but just want to tell you in a low key attitude: our pursuit of green building materials has never changed!


It is worth mentioning that this product has just been awarded the "Certificate of Innovation and Recommendation for the Renovation of Old Urban Districts" by the China Association of Building Energy Conservation, which is based on innovation and energy conservation and demonstrates CANLON's corporate motto of "Pioneer of Technology and Green Engine".


That's all there is to know about Green CANLON. Through the information above, do you have a better understanding of CANLON, a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and construction services? In addition, we also produce bitumen waterproof membrane, roofing underlayment, foundation waterproof membrane, polymer waterproof coating and liquid polyurethane membrane. For each material, we have strict process and quality control. If you want to know more, please pay attention to our company, we will provide you with the best quality service.

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