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Glory CANLON | China Real Estate Awards Conference: CANLON ranks among the Top 10 of preferred suppliers of waterproofing materials for green buildings

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On December 8th, a conference of the "2020 China Real Estate General Evaluation " was held in Beijing, focusing on new developments in the waterproofing industry. The conference was organized by China Real Estate News, China Real Estate Network, China Real Estate News New Media, and China Real Estate Think Tank. Participated experts and industry insiders shared their views on the current state of real estate development in their respective fields, and discussed issues arising in China's real estate industry. The conference selected the top-performing companies and projects in the real estate industry for the year and awarded them with relevant prizes.

At the meeting, the "2020 China Green Building TOP List" was unveiled. Among them, CANLON was honored to be selected as one of the "2020 China Green Building Preferred Suppliers - Waterproofing Materials TOP 10 ".


The purpose of the Conference is to explore the new opportunities of China's real estate industry under the new development pattern of "taking the domestic big cycle as the main body, the domestic and international double circulation promote each other". This conference has a wide range of industry influence.

The selection of the conference is based on the "China Real Estate Green Development Competitiveness PRIMB" indicator system, developed by the Green Real Estate Research Center of China Real Estate News.


The selection indicators include the scale of the enterprise, R&D investment in green, healthy and environmentally friendly product, product quality stability, product life cycle concept, green housing enterprise preference, consumer satisfaction. The conference contributed to the promotion of high-quality development of China's real estate industry and a better life for the people.

Beside the company’s market share, brand awareness and reputation are also the main reference indexes for waterproofing manufacturers ranking among “2020 China Green Healthy Buildings preferred suppliers".


CANLON adheres to the business philosophy of “Elaborative Intergradation, Visible Integrity”, continuously cultivating professional capabilities in the field of polymer waterproofing. This has been unanimously recognized by the review team. In the future, CANLON will further combine high-quality resources to serve the Real Estate industry, and create value for shareholders, customers, employees and the society.


Through the above information, do you already have a deeper understanding of CANLON?  CANLON is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, manufacturing, sales and application services of waterproofing materials. We also produce Likfix Waterproofing Coating, Forfens Pre-applied Waterproofing Membranes, and MPU Waterproofing Coating. If you want to know more products welcome to contact us.

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