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Glorious CANLON- CANLON was honored as one of the "2021 China Real Estate Supporting Supply Chain Listed Companies with Top 10 Investment Value”

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On 27 May, the "2021 China Real Estate and Property Listed Companies Assessment Results Conference" was held in Shenzhen. At the conference, the "2021 China Real Estate Listed Companies Top 100 List" was released simultaneously, and CANLON was awarded the honorary title of "2021 China Real Estate Supporting Supply Chain Listed Companies with Top 10 Investment Value".


The conference pointed out that product innovation, management innovation and diversified business development have become important grasps for the high-quality development of real estate enterprises. As one of the core competitiveness of real estate enterprises, products are catching more and more attention from real estate enterprises. Based on enterprise independent innovation, CANLON shares lead the polymer waterproof building materials industry and has signed strategic collection agreements with many leading domestic real estate brands, while actively responding to the national energy-saving and carbon-reducing green development strategy, greatly enhancing the investment value of being a listed company in the real estate supply chain.


The real estate supply chain enterprises were evaluated by listed companies in the TOP500 real estate development enterprises' preferred cooperative material and construction decoration suppliers (excluding basic materials such as steel and cement, as well as construction enterprises such as general contracting and assembly-type construction). Through an in-depth study of this business cluster, this evaluation selected the top 10 in four dimensions: comprehensive strength, investment value, profitability and investment potential.


It is reported that the China Real Estate Assessment Centre of Shanghai E-House Real Estate Research Institute has been conducting the "China Real Estate Listed Companies Assessment Study" for 14 consecutive years. This year's evaluation continues the principles of the past 13 years. Through a scientific, fair, objective and authoritative evaluation index system, evaluation methods and in-depth typical analysis, the evaluation and in-depth study of the comprehensive strength of listed real estate companies can effectively promote healthy competition and healthy development of the real estate industry, which is a strong guidance for the future development of the real estate market.


The glory of CANLON does not only belong to this moment, the future glory is waiting for you to witness. Do you have a better knowledge of CANLON, a national high-tech firm that integrates R&D, production, sales, and construction services as a consequence of the previous information? We also make watertight polymer waterproof coating, waterproof spray coating, and roof waterproof membrane. We have strict process and quality control for each material. Please pay attention to if you want to learn more.

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