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GREEN CANLON - Actively implementing the "double carbon" target, CANLON products passed the "carbon footprint" certification

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In order to further implement the green manufacturing project and strive to build a highly efficient, clean, low-carbon and recycling green manufacturing system, Huanggang Canlon New Materials Co. Recently, the company's products have successfully passed the "carbon footprint" certification, which is a good start for the industrial base to fully realize low-carbon and green development.



The concept of carbon footprint certification is the carbon emissions generated by a product or a service throughout its life cycle. The carbon footprint of a book, for example, takes into account the carbon emissions generated in every step of the process, including paper production, printing, transportation, sales, disposal and natural decomposition. The aim is to inform consumers about the greenhouse gas emissions of goods throughout their life cycle and to encourage them to choose low-carbon goods, and to help manufacturers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the carbon emissions of goods at each stage of the production, transportation and consumption process, to discover improvements and to provide guidance for reducing energy consumption and costs.


At present, in some European and American countries, product carbon footprint certification has become a green threshold for buyers, although the domestic market does not have mandatory requirements for carbon footprint certification, but CANLON believes that disclosing the carbon footprint of products is an environmental and social responsibility that the company should undertake.


In the future, the company will rely on the industry's leading R&D technology platform to accelerate the comprehensive carbon reduction and upgrade of its products, and implement green production in a series of links such as material recycling and thermal energy gradient utilization in the production process to help the national "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" strategies. During this period, our company has developed many high-quality materials. These include roof heat insulation membrane, acrylic roof coating, self adhesive bitumen membrane and many more.


That's all there is to know about this article. In order to meet the needs of the times and the country, CANLON is pursuing the concept of green development. Welcome to contact us and we will provide you with the best quality service.

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