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Focus Canlon | The 8th China Building Waterproof (South) Expert Forum Held, Canlon Won the Group Contribution Award

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On July 2, the 8th China Building Waterproofing (South) Expert Forum was held in Shenzhen, with the theme of "Implementing The Waterproof Regulations And Promoting The High-Quality Development Of The Waterproof Industry", once again set off the implementation of the "Waterproof Regulations" orgasm.

The forum is jointly organized by China Building Waterproof Association and Shenzhen Waterproof Industry Association, and is guided by Shenzhen Housing and Construction Bureau. It will publicize and promote based on high-quality expansion opportunities in the industry, supply-side structural reforms, and industry transformation and upgrading. A total of more than 350 people, including leaders and experts from the Housing Construction System Association, the joint party committee of the urban construction industry, and experts and representatives from construction/design/construction/supervision/quality supervision and inspection, and waterproofing enterprises, were invited to attend.

The "2023 China Building Waterproof (South) Expert Forum Group Contribution Award" commendation ceremony was held at the meeting. Canlon has long been committed to exporting and promoting technical standards in the polymer field, contributing wisdom to the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and playing a leading role as a leading enterprise. This time, as one of the 30 expert forum groups, Canlon won the award.

China Building Waterproofing (South) Expert Forum is jointly organized by China Building Waterproofing Association and Shenzhen Waterproofing Industry Association. It is held every two years and is a large-scale academic event in China's building waterproofing industry. Since the forum was first held in 2009, after 14 years of continuous growth, its positioning has become clearer, its scale has gradually expanded, and its influence has continued to be far-reaching.

At the moment when the building waterproofing industry is generally grasping the new opportunities brought by the "Waterproof General Regulations", Canlon focuses on the new needs of industrial and commercial roofs, and provides metal roofing projects with the first-level waterproof standards in line with general specifications, so as to realize photovoltaic installation and energy saving and emission reduction. It will make more contributions to promoting the quality improvement of building waterproofing projects and the progress of the waterproofing industry.

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