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Focus Canlon | Canlon Flooring: 2023 National Flooring Industry Vocational Skills Competition Official Designated Materials!

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National Vocational Skills Competition for The Flooring Industry

Official Designated Material for Competition

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August 10-11, “2023 National Vocational Skills Competition Finals For Flooring Industry” in Shanghai New International Expo Center concluded successfully. The craftsmen, selected and recommended by the flooring industry associations of all provinces and cities, showed their skills and brought a hard-core technology competition. CANLON sponsored the competition as the official designated material.

Canlon was selected as the official designated material for this competition because of its long history of product innovation and quality advantages, as well as its reputation among customers and builders. The competition is based on the construction of epoxy anti-static self-leveling floor system as the evaluation standard. Canlon has provided“Star Product” single-wall nano-tube anti-static material, which has stable static conductivity and can realize no blind spot, and has excellent leveling performance and surface compactness, highlight performance.

The competition is divided into mixing materials, grinding substrate surface, laying copper foil, epoxy conductive primer, trowel coating epoxy anti-static self-leveling and the final anti-static resistance test and acceptance. The whole process was orderly. The contestants showed off their“Skills” and displayed their super-high technical level in each link, attracting the audience to stop and watch, and the popularity of the competition site was soaring.

After the intense competition, a grand prize presentation ceremony and an appreciation dinner were held. In the relaxed and warm atmosphere of the dinner, Mr. Zhang Tao, General Manager of Canlon Shengshi New Materials Co. , Ltd. , which is owned by CANLON Group, came on the stage to make a toast. He said that as a junior in the industry, Canlon will strive to give full play to the innovative energy of the latecomers, to promote the standardization of the flooring construction, to contribute a small force for the high-quality development of the floor industry. Subsequently, the awarding ceremony of the National Flooring Industry Industry-Education Integration Community and the handover ceremony of the next National Flooring Skills Competition were held on the spot, and the conference came to a successful conclusion.

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