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Focus Canlon | 16th SNEC(2023)International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition Grandly Opened! Highlights of Debut of Canlon?

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SNEC /Canlon Debut

Photovoltaic Exhibition Debut


On May 23-26, SNEC2023 International Photovoltaic Power Generation And Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition was held grandly. It brings together global industry leaders, scholars from scientific research institutes, professionals and hundreds of thousands of audiences to share technological achievements, discuss future technical routes and solutions, and jointly promote low-carbon high-quality development. Canlon also brought the latest product technology to booth 690 in Hall W4, ushering in its first show at the SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition.

SNEC /Canlon Debut

Interactive Display

Interactive Experience

As a big stage for green energy to compete on the same stage and display their talents. The SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition comprehensively displayed many innovative achievements covering all links of the industrial chain, including photovoltaic production equipment, materials, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic application products and components, as well as photovoltaic engineering and systems.

In this conference, Canlon made full use of the advantage of the on-site experience of the exhibition, fully demonstrated the actual application scene of TPO Coated Metal at 1:1, and showed the audience the excellent anti-seepage and anti-rust function of the Integration of polymer materials and steel roofing. At the same time, an interactive experience area was set up to meet the audience's need for a further understanding of material performance indicators, allowing the audience to have a zero-distance contact with Canlon's "refined integration and visible honesty".

Want to know whether Canlon’s TPO polymer waterproof membrane of is reliable or not after welding? In this regard, in the interactive session, Canlon accepted the audience's challenge of "rolling up their sleeves" to go to battle. The membrane after simple welding was pulled back and forth by the crowd. Is it more reassuring to apply it on the roof of the factory?

SNEC /Canlon Debut

Technology Sharing

The conference and exhibition also brought together new energy companies, expert teams, leading corporate talents, etc., to jointly make suggestions and enthusiastic speeches for the green and low-carbon development of economic and social development.

At the Global Photovoltaic Frontier Technology Conference, Li Zhongren, President of CANLON, was invited to the stage to share on the theme of "Supporting Low-Carbon Roofs, --Polymer Solutions for Roof Corrosion and Waterproofing". Through the analysis of the common problems of color steel tile roof technology, it is clearly pointed out that "the exposed color steel tile roof is neither cost-effective nor low-carbon", and the emission reduction paradox of "Renovate The Steel Plate On The Roof, And The Photovoltaic Carbon Reduction Is In Vain" is proposed, and thus Introduced the application advantages of Canlon polymer membranes in color steel tile roof solutions, and made a quality commitment to the society of "anti-rust, anti-seepage and no renovation for 25 years".

At the "Photovoltaic Building Industry Collaborative Innovation and Development Forum" held at the same time as the exhibition, Wang Yazhou, general manager of Canlon Roofing System Technology Center, together with a number of experts, looked forward to the current market prospect of building photovoltaics, and exchanged and shared around the technical innovation of roofing systems.

In the photovoltaic building eco-signing session set up by the conference, Canlon joined hands with Risen Green Power (Zhejiang) Building Materials Co., Ltd. The two parties reached a friendly strategic cooperation, shared superior resources, and jointly promoted the development of photovoltaic building integration.

Canlon gained a lot on SNEC2023. In the future, we will provide more partners with the "Canlon Solution" of green carbon reduction and synergy.

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