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Excellent Canlon |The Encounter of Ingenuity and Technology - When Canlon Flooring enters the Science Park, what colors will it collide with?

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On July 20, the historic ancient city of Nanchong in Sichuan ushered in another brand-new landmark building - the new building of Nanchong Science and Technology Museum. The Museum was founded in 1988 and In 2015, the new museum was relocated to start construction and was completed in 2022. The 34-year history has given this "new museum" a heavy cultural precipitation.

Here, you can not only understand the origin of human beings, but also see the wild birds in Nanchong, which will stimulate a strong interest in exploring nature and life. You can also learn about the development of Nanchong through virtual reality technology. In addition to the five exhibition halls, there are also science studios, popular science theaters, 5D theaters, etc., combining science and art, allowing the audience to immersely experience the charm of technology when watching the performance.

As a leading manufacturer of functional building materials in China, CANLON successfully won the bid and participated in the construction of the venue floor of the project. According to the functions and styles of different venues, technicians customized a 5mm A-grade fire-resistant elastic polyurea color sheet decorative floor system, which endows the landmark technology space with more artistic value with fine quality and rich colors.

The system adopts self-leveling water-based epoxy mortar self-leveling ECC+ polyurea polyurethane self-leveling material, which has the characteristics of Class A fire resistance and high decoration. Not only that, due to the overall high elasticity, the system greatly improves the comfort of the feet, allowing people to easily enjoy the fun brought by technology while strolling in the stadium. In addition, the whole system also has the characteristics of seamless splicing, high tensile strength, not easy to crack, and easy to clean, which makes the later maintenance work easier.

Each building has its own unique cultural features, and whether it is a new look or a classic recast, it should retain its original charm. The completion of the Science and Technology Museum reflects the progress and development of science, and shows the great changes that technology has brought to people's production and life. CANLON Flooring also uses this project to pursue excellent quality and is committed to creating more beautiful buildings.

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