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Excellent Canlon | One of The Most Difficult Cities in China to Build Subways? Canlon's MBP-Pro Underwater Construction Shows Real Skills!

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Jinan Rail Transit Line 6 is the east-west backbone line in Jinan City's rail transit network that runs through the main urban area. It passes through Huaiyin District, Tianqiao District, Lixia District, and Licheng District, and runs through the western new city, central city, and central business district. The line has a total length of 40.1 kilometers and an estimated investment of approximately 31.784 billion yuan. It is an important line connecting the three comprehensive transportation hubs of Jinan West Railway Station, Jinan Railway Station and Jinan East Railway Station.

Jinan Rail Transit Line 6

As we all know, Jinan City is famous for its 72 famous springs such as Baotu Spring, Black Tiger Spring, and Pearl Spring. It is known as "springs in every house". This shows how rich its groundwater resources are and how high its water level is. Netizens jokingly call it one of the "three most difficult cities in the country to build subways" . They are "With just one dig, a tomb is dug(Xi’an), with just one hoe, a spring is found(Jinan), and with just one chisel, a piece of ice is dug out(Harbin).” It is precisely because of the huge base of underground spring water that Jinan's subway has set its own "Guinness World Record". It once took three years to build a station and a full 10 years to build a main railway line.

Pre applied waterproofing membrane for underground work

Therefore, although Rail Transit Line 6 has been registered, many areas of the project need to be constructed underwater, which poses a huge challenge to waterproofing. The waterproofing issue has become a major "stumbling block" to the rapid construction of Jinan Metro.

The test faced by the Jinan Rail Transit Line 6 tunnel project is even more severe: the project requires waterproofing construction in a water seepage environment 28 meters underground , which requires extremely high bonding performance of waterproof materials. This project was originally won by another waterproofing company, but during the first day of construction site acceptance, it emerged that the joints of the waterproofing materials were not reliable and easy to crack, which seriously affected the quality of the project and failed to meet the project requirements. Once the waterproofing fails to keep up with the progress of the project in time, it will affect the entire subway construction plan, and the client company urgently looks for other solutions.

Pre applied waterproofing membrane for underground works

After learning of this situation, the sales team of Canlon's Shandong Provincial District immediately rushed to the customer's company for technical exchanges, and brought MBP-Pro polymer self-adhesive film pre-applied waterproofing membrane that can be constructed underwater for on-site demonstration. The construction effect perfectly matched the customer's needs and the cooperation plan was finalized. At present, MBP-Pro has completed on-site construction of 50,000 square meters on Jinan Rail Transit Line 6 and has passed the stage acceptance. The customer and CANLON have also reached a preliminary cooperation intention on the second phase of the project.

waterproofing solution for subway tunnels

(Customers observe the underwater construction effect on site)

The successful application of Jinan Rail Transit Line 6 is a critical response and a timely help, which strongly proves the reliability of Canlon's integrated waterproofing system in harsh construction environments. The company continues to innovate and break through common pain points in the market, becoming a good solution to the waterproofing problem of subway tunnels, further enhancing Canlon's brand influence and recognition.

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