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Excellent Canlon | Love for Hometown, Heart for Distance—— MBP Served Shengze Station of Shanghai-Suzhou-Huzhou High-Speed Railway

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Shanghai-Suzhou-Huzhou High-Speed Railway

Some people say that human beings met through transportation, gathered through meeting, and formed cities through gathering.

The new Shanghai-Suzhou-Huzhou high-speed railway line runs from Shanghai in the east to Huzhou in the west. The length of the line in Jiangsu Province is about 52.156 KM. The entire line is located in Wujiang District, with Suzhou South Station and Shengze Station. Today's protagonist is located in the neighboring town where CANLON is located—the famous "Silk Town" Shengze.

Love for Hometown and Heart for Distance

The infrastructure construction of the high-speed rail area is connected with people's livelihood and city development. It is not only an integral part of the social public utilities of the area, but also an important guarantee for the economic and social development of the area. Good building waterproof quality is also an essential part of living in Water Town in the south of the Yangtze River for a long time.

As a private enterprise born and bred in Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Canlon Building Materials Co., Ltd., with its innovative breakthroughs in the field of polymer waterproofing, cares about and helps the development of public utilities and people's livelihood in Wujiang District, and has a high degree of recognition in the local area. This time MBP HDPE pre-applied waterproofing membrane, Canlon's main strength product, won the bid for the construction of the station building of Shengze Station of the Shanghai-Suzhou-Huzhou High-speed Railway. It is undoubtedly a blend of technology and nostalgia. Wujiang District has been included in the Yangtze River Delta Green Ecological Integrated Development Demonstration Zone Under the historical opportunity of Shengze, Shengze's location advantage will change the economic circle and "friend circle" in the surrounding areas, and bring greater advantages to the industrial development of the towns in the south of Wujiang District.

Love for hometown, heart for distance. As a white polymer pre-applied waterproofing membrane independently developed by Canlon, MBP has been applied in many domestic Jinyu Award and Luban Award projects, embodying the ingenuity of traditional water towns and the innovative power of modern industry.

Nests are built to attract phoenixes, flowers bloom and butterflies come.

Shengze, the capital of silk, is prosperous because of silk weaving.

In the future, the full opening of the Shanghai-Suzhou-Huzhou high-speed railway will also bring full vitality to the whole area around it.

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