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Excellent Canlon | Integrating Photovoltaic Roof System Assisted The Renovation And Upgrading of Rixin Solar Industrial Park

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Wuhan Rixin Technology Co., Ltd. (Rixin Solar) is one of the first enterprises in China specializing in the research and development, manufacture of photovoltaic products, photovoltaic system integration application and operation and maintenance services. In October 2021, Rixin Solar and Canlon joined hands, and the two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the field of distributed photovoltaics.

As a demonstration base and industrialization base for renewable energy building applications of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Construction, Rixin Solar Industrial Park is currently the largest domestic megawatt-level BIPV grid-connected power generation project integrating crystalline silicon cells and amorphous silicon thin film cells. Its metal roof has become rusty after years of sun and rain due to long-term exposure to the outdoors. After signing a cooperation agreement with Canlon, Rixin Solar decided to take the lead in applying Canlon's integrated photovoltaic roof system to the project and carry out a wave of all-round transformation and upgrading.

Old Metal Roof Before Renovation

After a detailed on-site investigation, professional technicians from Canlon decided to optimize the plans for the 2# and 3# workshops respectively. Among them, the 3# workshop uses 1.5mm thick PVC waterproofing membrane (type L) for fully bonding system installation without removing the original roof panel, and the photovoltaic installation uses vertical support for connection; the 2# workshop removes the original roof panel, applies angle-shaped profiled steel plates, uses 0.8mm thick TPO waterproofing membrane (type L) for fully bonding system installation, and uses fixtures to install photovoltaics. The comprehensive and detailed design work and technical communication have been deeply recognized by Rixin Solar. The two parties hit it off and quickly entered the installation stage. The new integrated photovoltaic roof system was thus presented in the bright sunshine——

As a partner in the photovoltaic field, providing each other with the best products and services is the basis of trust for win-win cooperation and a good start for mutual benefit.

The renovation and renovation project of Rixin Solar Industrial Park has a fast construction period, outstanding weather resistance of roofing materials, firm and reliable installation of photovoltaic modules, and stunning overall visual effects. It is a classic project jointly created by both parties in the field of cooperation, and it has also accumulated valuable experience for more projects in the future.

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