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Excellent Canlon | "Du Su Rui" Strikes! The Performance of TPO Coated Metal Panel(TMP) Is "Too Outstanding"!

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In 2023, super typhoon Dusurui landed in Fujian, becoming the strongest typhoon to land in China this year and the second strongest typhoon to land in Fujian since records began, causing serious disasters to coastal areas of China. Until August 1, 2023, "Du Surui" has affected 2.66 million people in Fujian Province, China, and caused direct economic losses of more than 14.7 billion yuan.

Not only that, but the residual circulation of the typhoon even affected North China, Northeast China and other places, causing heavy rain and extremely heavy rain in more than 10 provinces across the country!

The typhoon has seriously affected the safety of buildings and houses. According to statistics, 3,357 houses were collapsed or seriously damaged in this disaster in Fujian Province, and 14,998 houses were generally damaged. It can be said that buildings that can withstand the challenge of a typhoon without moving like a mountain must be the best in construction quality!

Today, Canlon's TMP TPO Coated Metal Panel system is about to undergo this rigorous test of actual combat.

As a coastal city, Quanzhou is one of the most severely affected cities in Fujian Province. According to reports, when Du Su Rui landed, the maximum wind force near the center was grade 15 (50 m/s, strong typhoon level), and the minimum air pressure was 945 hPa . According to media reports, many residents said that "the windows of their homes flew out", and even the steel structure roofs of some large public buildings could not withstand the raging typhoon, and they were "skinned".

Shishi Clothing City Art Exhibition Center is also a local landmark public building. Not long ago, the project used the Canlon TMP TPO Coated Metal Panel system on both the upper and lower floors of the roof envelope system. Among them, the lower TMP system uses the reverse installation process under the purlins. After the typhoon passed, Canlon's account manager went to the completed project non-stop to survey the situation. As soon as they got out of the car, they saw a scary scene-a large area of trees around the building had been blown down by the strong wind and uprooted. It can't help but make people sweat about the roof project that is exposed to the outside and withstands the strongest wind.

Shishi Clothing City Art Exhibition Center

As the only domestic enterprise in the building waterproofing industry equipped with a wind uplift laboratory , Canlon’s roof system solutions will undergo rigorous wind uplift tests to simulate the impact of strong winds and negative pressure on the roof system under natural conditions. damage, which also makes Canlon's roofing system more secure in practical application.

Sure enough, when the our colleague climbed onto the roof, they were greeted with a flawless roof system without any damage. The fusion tile successfully withstood the test brought by the 15-level typhoon!

TMP TPO Coated Metal Panel Roof System

Successfully defeated "Du Su Rui"

"Anti-seepage and anti-rust without renovation, 25 years of full protection"

Canlon's commitment to quality, from one end to the end

Durable anti-corrosion performance equivalent to a single-ply roofing system

Long-term care for the entire life cycle of photovoltaic systems

As an upgrade solution for metal roofing

TMP TPO Coated Metal Panel is worth your own

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