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​Excellent CANLON | CANLON shares gloriously won the tender of the new Sichuan-Tibet Railway Bomi-Linzhi section station procurement

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Recently, CANLON's wholly-owned subsidiary, Hubei New Canlon Rail Transit New Materials Co., Ltd. received the "Notice of Award" from Sichuan-Tibet Railway Co., Ltd. and was identified as the successful bidder for "the first batch of construction unit management A supply materials (tunnel waterproofing materials) procurement for the new Sichuan-Tibet Railway Bomi-Linzhi section station project". Speaking of which, we have to mention our waterproof membrane, pvc waterproof membrane and other excellent waterproof materials.


Sichuan-Tibet Railway (Sichuan-Tibet Railway) is a fast railway in China connecting Sichuan Province and Tibet Autonomous Region, east-west, from Chengdu in Sichuan Province to Lhasa in Tibet Autonomous Region, is the second railway into Tibet in China, is also one of the main lines of railway in southwest China.

In 1919, Sun Yat-sen's monograph on the revitalisation of Chinese industry and the modernisation of the national economy, "The Industrial Plan", was published, in which he considered "railways" to be one of the "tools of industry" and included the Sichuan-Tibet Railway in the plateau railway system. In 2019, when the first section of the railway, the Chengya High Speed Railway, becomes the last city and state in the Chengdu Plain Economic Zone to be opened to traffic, it will be 100 years since Sun Yat-sen's ambitious plan to build a 100,000-mile railway in three sections.


The waterproofing project for the Bomi-Linzhi section, undertaken by CANLON, is located in the Tibet Autonomous Region and is connected to the Linzhi station of the Lhasa-Linzhi railway. This line belongs to the Ya'an-Nyingchi section approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2020, and is a national class I double-track railway. The new main line has the length of 1011 km, and the whole line has a total of 26 stations, the total estimated investment of the project is about 319.8 billion yuan. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the State Railway Group) is responsible for the organization and implementation of the project, and the Sichuan-Tibet Railway Co. , Ltd. was established as the project legal person in charge of the project management.


As the second "heavenly road" on the snowy plateau and the most complex project in the history of railway construction in the world, with an altitude difference of more than 3,000 metres, the Sichuan-Tibet Railway has a bridge-tunnel ratio of over 90% and a tunnel mileage of more than 800 kilometres, which is regarded as the "most difficult railway to build".



Hubei New Canlon Rail Transit New Material Co., Ltd. has launched "Self-adhesive Waterproof Board for Waterproof and Drainage of Railway Tunnel", "Waterproof and Drainage Board for Waterproof and Drainage of Railway Tunnel" and "General Waterproof and Drainage Waterproof board Used for Railway Tunnel" and other products to meet the needs of railway tunnel waterproof engineering.The products have passed the CRCC certification of China Railway Inspection and Certification Centre and have good protection effect against tunnel leakage in complex terrain. The winning of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway is another important milestone for CANLON in the field of railway waterproofing!

Thousands of years ago, the Sichuan-Tibet Tea Horse Road started in Ya'an and became a corridor for economic and cultural exchange in southwest China. Today, the Sichuan-Tibet Railway will become a strategic pivot point for "linking Chengdu-Chongqing in the east, Kang-Tibet in the west and Panxi in the south", carrying the dreams of three generations of Chinese railway builders.


Let's wish the Sichuan-Tibet Railway a speedy completion and smooth opening to traffic! CANLON is a nationalized and delighted company, and our success cannot be achieved without your support. Through the above introduction, we hope you can have a further understanding of our company. Our company also produces polyurethane waterproof coating, roofing asphalt membrane, liquid waterproofing membrane for concrete roof and other different types of materials, welcome your attention to our company.

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