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Cutting-edge Canlon | AR Smart Helmet, Realizing New Scenarios Of Smart Construction

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Realize new scenarios of smart construction

Empowering the era of Industry 4.0, the efficient interconnection of 5G + industrial Internet not only makes the production base of enterprises more accurate and efficient, but also gives more possibilities to front-line employees! In the process of digital transformation, Canlon is also actively leveraging its strength to promote the upgrading of construction quality.

AR, the full name of which is Augmented Reality, means augmented reality technology. It is an important branch of VR (Virtual Reality, that is, virtual reality technology). It realizes "augmented" reality by superimposing virtual images and information on real scenes. Through the combination of virtual and real, real-time interaction, and three-dimensional registration, digital information has a real sense of presence and location.

In order to further accelerate the construction of smart factories and improve the technological content of the company's engineering technology application scenarios, Canlon has recently introduced a batch of smart headsets (hereinafter referred to as "smart helmets"). Based on the application of AR technology, the device can realize multiple functions including remote collaboration, equipment inspection, AI identification, and safety monitoring.

The smart helmet can be used as a mobile device to join online meetings. Remote personnel of the company can watch the pictures in the smart helmet camera by joining the meeting, mark the construction picture and the surrounding environment, and interact with the device users in real time.

At the same time, remote personnel can also project pictures and files to the smart helmet through the meeting for users to watch. It is convenient for multiple personnel to cooperate efficiently, realize online guidance of experts on difficult problems, and improve operation efficiency and inspection quality. The device also supports the whole process of video recording inspection/construction process to more accurately ensure that the project quality is completed with high quality and efficiency.

For a long time, Canlon has always been committed to improving the standardization and refinement of the construction field, actively using new technologies to optimize construction quality, and is committed to realizing accurate on-site operation management with traceability and real-time synchronization of the whole process; with the help of new visualization tools, also It can further improve the efficiency of teaching and training; improve the overall customer visit experience, and let more people witness Canlon's "refined integration and visible honesty".

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