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Cutting-Edge Canlon | The Results Of Innovative Research And Development

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Since Canlon obtained the US invention patent authorization, the company's pace of innovation has once again attracted widespread attention in the industry. Today we received a question- what are the company's current innovative R&D achievements?

Let's solemnly report our work directly to all our friends——

1.R&D Platform

Based on the research and development and innovation of polymer waterproof materials, Canlon has received strong support from the government and the industry, and was approved to establish:

* Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center

* Jiangsu Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base

* Jiangsu Postgraduate Workstation

* Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center

* Suzhou Independent Brand & Leading Enterprises Advanced Technology Research Institute

* Standardized laboratory

* Canlon Technology R&D Center of China National Building Materials Waterproof Research Institute


Based on the above innovation platforms, Canlon actively carries out "industry-university-research" cooperation, which provides an inexhaustible impetus for the company to introduce high-level talents, optimize training strategies, and promote innovative R&D work.

2. Laboratory Establishment

The first phase of CANLON CPCM production base invested nearly 50 million yuan to build an advanced technology research institute, set up the only wind uplift laboratory among domestic waterproof material manufacturers, and and set up aging laboratory, chemical analysis laboratory, thermal analysis laboratory and other special laboratories.

Wind uplift laboratory

The establishment of high-standard laboratory has allowed the testing center of Karen Advanced Technology Research Institute to obtain the accreditation certificate (CNAS) awarded by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment.


3. Introduction of advanced equipment and instruments

Canlon has carried out in-depth research and development cooperation with TA Instruments, the world's first brand of high-end thermal analysis instruments, and equipped multiple sets of thermodynamic analysis equipment;And acquired the highly intelligent modular Nicolet research-type Fourier transform infrared spectrometer from Thermo Fisher Scientific to realize qualitative and quantitative analysis of polymer components, processing aids and functional fillers;And introduced xenon lamp aging tester, ultraviolet aging test box, salt spray tester, laser particle size analyzer, thermal differential calorimeter, thermogravimetric analyzer, etc., a total of more than 150 sets of testing equipment, striving to realize the testing center scientific, systematic and high-end, and improve the whole product performance evaluation system.

4. Intellectual property protection

Up to now, Canlon has obtained 50 invention patents, 195 new utility patents and 11 appearance patents granted by the State Intellectual Property Office, totaling 256 patents.In addition to the just-obtained American invention patent, many products have obtained international authoritative certifications such as American FM, British BBA, Swiss SGS, European Union CE, etc., providing the market with "Chinese standards" that are superior to cross-border procurement costs and peer-to-peer trust endorsements.

5. Intelligent trial production platform

All innovative research and development will eventually be implemented into production and quality.In order to better test the performance of new products and explore the feasibility of developing more formulations, CANLON CPCM production base has introduced the first imported multi-layer resin co-extrusion test production line in China. The equipped pelletizing function can flexibly design and adjust formulations, to provide a simulated and reliable intelligent trial production platform for product design and development.

Multilayer co-extrusion test production line

Intelligent double roll mill

At present, Canlon covers the most complete product series and system solutions in the field of polymer waterproofing, and continues to accumulate a number of original technologies in emerging fields such as photovoltaic roofing and siphon drainage, and actively applies for domestic and international invention patents. I believe that in the near future, we will definitely become the "international leading functional building materials manufacturer" in the corporate vision!

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