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Culture CANLON | Children's Day and Dragon Boat Festival Theme Parent-child Activities

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Meet Summer

On May 29th, Canlon Polymer Construction Materials Park was filled with a warm and lively atmosphere, a well-planned, unique June 1st Children's Day and Dragon Boat Festival linkage theme parent-child activities opened here, dozens of employees of the company with their children participated in this parent-child activity, bringing the children's laughter into Canlon's home.

In the activity, parents take their kids to do handicraft work together, blow balloons, cut colored paper, draw Easter eggs, write their wishes on small cards, hang them on the branches and treetops of CPCM, and let the beautiful childhood wishes decorate Canlon's green park.


This parent-child activity also specially led the kids to visit the exhibition hall and office area of the industrial park, so that they can understand the cause of their parents, establish a sense of trust and pride in parents, and also cultivate their interest in product technology innovation, so as to better become contributing social people in the future.

Soon to the Dragon Boat Festival, dumplings have also become a handmade interactive project that our kids cannot miss, and with the help of parents, boys and girls have also tried to help adults complete a piece of love rice dumplings. CANLON also prepared a delicious cake for the arrival of the children, so that today's time melts like cream into the most unforgettable sweetness of the festival.


Have fun tasting, Eat a mouthful!

Sincerely wish you all healthy growth!

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