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Craftsman Canlon | The Old Steel Roof That Has Been Exposed To The Sun And Rain For 12 Years, Canlon's Team Only Took One Month To Make It Look Brand New!

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This is a German-funded enterprise established in Yantai in 2010, and it is a global leader in filter production. After 12 years of exposure to the sun and rain, the steel roof of the factory building has been corroded in many places, unable to perform normal waterproof functions and posing safety hazards.

Now, with the professional Canlon team, it only takes one month to renew the old roof and deliver a brand new roof with a service life of up to 20 years!

Since Suzhou Canlon Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Canlon Group took over the project in November, the project manager has actively participated in the communication and cooperated closely with the labor service team to optimize the plan in a targeted manner for each area.

We found that the original roof structure of the factory building is glass wool + single-ply steel plate, and the detailed nodes are all rigid lap joints, the seal is poor and the lap joints are easy to deform, so we recommended TPO Roofing Membrane(Fleece Backed) for customers to build a single-ply roof waterproofing system.

Canlon TPO membrane delivers excellent aging resistance, low temperature flexibility and dimensional stability, and can combine rigidity and flexibility with steel roofs. It has obvious advantages in details treatment, lap joint treatment, construction period, environmental protection and energy saving.

Before construction, the craftsmen carried out meticulous grinding and derusting preparations on the substrate surface of the original steel plate. After the materials entered the site, they were stored according to the standard. After the neoprene on the backing surface of the membrane is evenly dried to the extent that it can be bonded, it is then applied.

For the detailed nodes and ends of the skylight, etc., special beading is used to fix them, and weather-resistant sealant is used together to ensure that there is nothing wrong with it.

After the construction was completed, the engineering team conducted a water-spraying inspection on the brand-new roof, so that the project can be delivered with confidence and customers can use it with peace of mind.

Canlon believes that an excellent construction project must achieve "high integration" in all aspects. Whether it is a reasonable construction plan, high-quality waterproof materials, standardized project management, and strict construction operation steps are all indispensable.

Taking "integrated waterproofing" as the banner, Canlon will always adhere to "high standards and strict requirements", help low-carbon roofs and photovoltaic roofs "build as much as possible", and give back the best waterproof quality to customers!

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