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Craftsman CANLON | Race Against The Clouds! CANLON Starts A Roof Repair"Blitzkrieg"

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According to the weather forecast, there will be continuous rainfall in the Jiangnan region from June 12 to 13. At this time, the concrete roof protection layer of Xinrui Co., Ltd. office building was severely desertified, and some areas bulged and cracked.

If heavy rain falls, the rainwater will definitely enter the waterproof layer from the weak area, and the indoor leakage area may become a water curtain hole or even cause a short-circuit power outage!

In order to avoid heavy rain causing losses to customers, the construction period of the project was extremely tense: about ten days, the roof repair work must be completed before the rainstorm.

Racing against the dark clouds,

Worrying about what customers want,

Thinking about what customers think,

CANLON waterproof raced against time.

After Canlon Waterproof and Thermal Insulation Engineering Co., Ltd., one of CANLON’s subsidiary, undertook the entrustment, the technicians of the maintenance division quickly conducted on-site exploration according to the actual situation of the roof, combined with the bearing capacity of the roof and the selection of material properties (wear resistance, aging resistance ), the convenience of construction and the construction period and other factors, the maintenance plan is tailored for the customer.

First, the maintenance personnel re-cleaned the roof substrate, repaired local defects, removed roof equipment, added exhaust pipes, painted the epoxy resin coating for sand fixation, and finally carried out the installation of 1.5mm thick waterproof coating to fully ensure the firmness and stability of the waterproof layer.

With the aid of the efficient automatic spraying of the spraying machine, the coating surface finally solidified the day before the heavy rain. Xu Xiaohua, the deputy general manager of the engineering company, and the construction guidance department carried out the waterproof quality inspection on site, and carried out the final inspection and optimization of the completion quality and details.

Finally, CANLON won the "blitzkrieg" race against the dark clouds. Xinrui shares sent a pennant to Canlon Maintenance Division as a thank you and respect for Canlon Waterproof's superb maintenance technology and excellent service quality!

If you’re looking for a leading, reliable supplier for your next waterproofing project, give Canlon a call today – we’d love to help.

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