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CLASSICAL CANLON | CANLON photovoltaic roofing project appeared in a world-renowned university

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It is known to all that CANLON is an international company that focuses on polymer waterproof membrane sheet products. Recently, the opening of CANLON polymer industrial park, the signing contract of strategic cooperation of CANLON distributed PV industry chain and the convening of the whole life cycle PV roofing forum have made CSPV solutions become the focus of attention. In fact, CANLON's PV roofs have been successfully promoted and applied overseas, and today,  we are proud to introduce a roofing PV project from a world-renowned university.


The University of the Arts Bournemouth (AUB for short), founded in 1885, is one of the UK's leading universities specializing in creative arts, design, media and performance. The art and design specialist is ranked in the top of the Times UK University 2021 and has been awarded the UK Gold Award for Teaching Quality Excellence, the highest accolade in the UK's Quality Education Awards. As one of the UK's leading creative universities, AUB has been committed to providing high quality teaching and research for nearly 100 years, providing a steady stream of passionate and dedicated practitioners to the creative industries, with alumni from around the world and an international reputation.

The roofing project undertaken by CANLON Corporation is located at AUB's Wallisdown Campus student housing cluster, which is designed to meet the campus' cutting-edge design aesthetic, with a communal kitchen and dining area centered around a landscaped courtyard. The high quality accommodation with solar panels on the roof will effectively reduce the energy consumption of the building and create a green, energy efficient and sustainable lifestyle for the students.


Rentec Ltd, who installed the solar PV for the University of the Arts Bournemouth halls of residence, is based in the South of England and has a local reputation as a privately owned company providing high quality mechanical, electrical and renewable energy services to commercial, industrial and large market public and private clients. The selection of CANLON's PV roofing solution system marks the recognition of CANLON's products and services in the international high-end new energy market, and with the successful opening of the polymer industrial park, it officially sails into the blue sea of the new energy market with a new positioning as a system service provider of the distributed PV industry chain.


CANLON is a high-tech enterprise, and is committed to serving every customer. Through the above introduction, we hope you can have a further understanding of CANLON. Our main products are building coating, roofing underlayment, bitumen waterproof membrane and so on. Different products have different application scenarios, if you need to know more information, please pay attention to our company.

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