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​Benchmarking CANLON | CANLON was elected as a director of Jiangsu Renewable Energy Industry Association

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CANLON was recently invited by the Jiangsu Renewable Energy Industry Association to become a director of the association. Under the guidance of the association, we will actively advocate the development mode of renewable energy industry, ensure the direction of medium and long-term industrial structure development, and continue to exert influence on the industry.


Jiangsu Renewable Energy Industry Association is a non-profit, independent legal entity under the supervision of Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Commission and the business guidance of Jiangsu Provincial Energy Bureau, which is composed of renewable energy production, scientific research, design, distribution and other units in the province, implementing industry services and self-regulatory management.


The election of Jiangsu Renewable Energy Industry Association as a "director unit" is a high recognition of CANLON's green product research and development and the layout of new photovoltaic energy industry. The new council term coincides with the "14th Five-Year Plan" development period, in the face of the national "carbon neutral and carbon peak" strategic goals, CANLON will perform its duty on the ground with high sense of mission , grasp the opportunity, actively innovate, expand the utilization rate and industrial influence of polymer building materials in the field of waterproofing and photovoltaic new energy, and make greater contributions to the creation of new energy and renewable energy and to the promotion of the country's clean and low-carbon transition.


CANLON's success cannot be achieved without your support. Through the above introduction, we hope you can have a further understanding of our company. We also produce polyurethane waterproof coating, hdpe waterproof membrane, liquid waterproofing for concrete and other different types of materials.

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