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Benchmark Canlon | Typical Experience Of National Quality Benchmarking In 2023, Canlon Successfully Made The List!

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Recently, the 2023 National Quality Benchmark Typical Experience Selection , led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and organized by the China Quality Association, were announced. A total of 69 typical experiences across the country were selected. Jiangsu Canlon Building Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Canlon") successfully made the list for its "practical experience in implementing standardized management based on digital intelligence drive" .

2023 National Quality Benchmark Typical Experience Selection

It is particularly worth mentioning that this is the third national authoritative recognition obtained by CANLON in the field of industrial manufacturing this year, following the "Typical Cases of the Building Materials Industry in 2023" and the "Excellent Scenarios of Intelligent Manufacturing in 2023".

It is understood that "quality benchmarking" refers to quality management benchmarking, which mainly plays the leading role of benchmarking enterprises, promotes advanced quality management methods, promotes corporate management innovation and quality improvement, creates a good atmosphere of "setting benchmarks and exceeding benchmarks", and promotes quality reform, efficiency changes and power changes, achieving high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. The 2023 national quality benchmark selection mainly focuses on quality management system upgrades, key process quality control, industrial chain supply chain resilience and safety, and quality management digitization.

Since the establishment, CANLON has determined its high-quality development positioning. Under the guidance of the vision of "becoming the world's leading manufacturer of functional building materials", hundreds of millions of R&D funds and a large amount of engineering practice have been invested. With the continuous innovation of product technology as the core development point, we continue to expand the introduction of R&D talents. Increase investment in new product research and development, product formula optimization, production process improvement, etc., accelerate the transformation of research results, improve product performance and quality, and continuously expand product categories to adapt to market demand in waterproofing and other business areas.

Canlon waterproofing facilities

Combined with the existing technology accumulation, Canlon's innovation and R&D capabilities have been continuously improved, further consolidating its market position and leading advantages, and unswervingly "being specialized, refined, special, and strong" in polymer building materials and other fields. A series of measures have effectively promoted quality improvement, laying a solid foundation for being listed as a "quality benchmark".

Canlon waterproofing factory

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