Benchmark Canlon | Six Technical Highlights —— Canlon Imported TPO & PVC Production Line
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Benchmark Canlon | Six Technical Highlights —— Canlon Imported TPO & PVC Production Line

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Someone once asked why the quality of TPO&PVC membranes produced by Canlon CPCM Park is particularly reliable?

Canlon TPO&PVC Production Line

In fact, the production line tailored by three Italian facility manufacturers based on decades of experience and combined with Canlon technology and product requirements has realized the automation of the entire process from product feeding, online compounding to packing and palletizing. It is the first to realize the production of TPO waterproofing membrane with the type of glass fiber inner reinforcement (Type G) and glass fiber inner reinforcement with fiber fleece backing (Type GL), which can be regarded as the highly technical crystallization of the global resin polymer waterproof membrane production equipment and technology. For its six technical highlights, it is indeed necessary to fully understand it!

01Fully Automatic Raw Material Mixing And Conveying System


The fully automatic raw material mixing and conveying system of the Canlon TPO/PVC production line can simultaneously ensure high-precision, high-proportion addition of flame retardants and good welding performance of the membranes, truly realizing the localization of high-performance flame-retardant membranes .

02 High-Precision Thickness Automatic Measurement/Adjustment Die Head


The imported production line realizes the high-precision discharge and high-quality composite of up to three-layer sheet, and ensures the high flatness and stability of the membrane by accurately controlling the thickness deviation of the product .

03 High-Precision Five-Roll Temperature Control Device


The production line is equipped with a high-precision five-roller temperature control device, which can efficiently cope with sheet calendering of various melt finger formulations.

04 Fully Automatic Online Slitting System


Fully automatic online slitting, flexible slitting of membranes, improved continuous mass production operation, not only increased production capacity, but also reduced labor and material loss.

05 High Precision Tension Control System


This system can avoid excessive internal stress in the membrane production process and improve the dimensional stability of the product. It creatively realized the production of glass fiber reinforced membranes, filling the gaps in the national standard for TPO/PVC membranes of Type G and Type GL.

06 Inter-layer Composite Reinforcement Technology


Through the online infrared heating device, the high-strength bonding force between the membrane and the substrate is guaranteed .

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