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Benchmark Canlon | Polish Brand Value With Green Innovation: Canlon's Production Bases Usher In Innovative Achievements

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Recently, Canlons Production Bases in Tangshan city and Huanggang city have ushered in a wave of scientific and technological innovation achievements, and have obtained certifications such as green product certification and new utility patents. Canlon once again polished the corporate brand value with green innovation.

01Green Building Material Product Certification

Recently, several products of the Suzhou and Huanggang production base have obtained the "China Green Building Material Product Certification Certificate" certified and issued by the National Inspection Group .

Among them, the Suzhou production base has obtained the "China Green Building Material Product Certification Certificate" for a total of 26 categories, an increase of 17 categories from the original 9 categories.

There are 22 categories of products in the Huanggang production base that have obtained the "China Green Building Material Product Certification Certificate", all of which passed for the first time.

According to the requirements in the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan for Green Building Material Product Certification", the competent departments of Housing And Urban-Rural Development, Industry And Information Technology in various places shall formulate local promotion and application plans of green building material certification in light of the actual situation, taking the lead in adopting green building materials in government investment projects, key projects, municipal public works, green buildings and ecological urban areas, prefabricated buildings and other projects.

In the future, Canlon will continue to practice the corporate purpose of being a technological pioneer and a green engine, and will contribute positively to leading green consumption and promoting ecological civilization while developing at a high-quality level.

02 Technology-Based Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises

Recently, Tangshan Canlon New Material Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the certificate of "Hebei Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" issued by the Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

Technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises are the new force of small and medium-sized enterprises, the most dynamic, potential and growing innovation group, an important carrier for cultivating and developing new kinetic energy, and an important reserve force for high-tech enterprises, enjoying various preferential policies. Focusing on the construction of technology-based enterprises, Canlon Tangshan Base will continue to increase investment in independent innovation and research and development, and polish the value of the corporate brand.

03 Utility Model Patent

In addition, Hubei Canlon Rail Transit New Material Co., Ltd. has also recently obtained 5 utility model patent certificates granted by the State Intellectual Property Office . They are a batching tank equipment based on waterproof and drainage board processing; a glue tank for waterproof board production with the function of scraping glue; an auxiliary pressure roller assembly for thickness measurement in waterproof board processing; an adjustable waterproof board A temporary storage rack system in production; a cooling and shaping system for waterproof and drainage board processing.

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